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6104 5 pairs of sexy twins who take over the fashion world

These ladies just doubled their chances to become the highest paid models in the world

6095 Women explain why they love sunbathing naked

5 reasons that make ladies strip down and never cover up again

6086 Sexy Insta mama get’s slammed for her butt photo

Should women become more discreet after having a baby?

6072 5 porn stars whose careers ended up not the way they wanted

Jail, death threats, suicides – what happened to the most desired women on Earth?

6062 Husband slams wife for gaining wait

But she gives him the boot to get her sexiest shape everyone

6054 Woman spends $115,000 to look like sex doll

Frequent plastic surgeries brought her to serious complications

6044 Kylie Jenner nearly spills out of her black top

The Kardashians are everywhere and for over a decade they keep us in tension making millions of people around the world watch their every step. Whatever they do – becomes a trend even if this seems too ridiculous to us. Sisters have made us love big butts, long dark hair and that’s how they’ve pushed away the era of skinny blondes. As the main trend setters they made 90% of girls all over the globe try to copy their looks.

6035 5 fashion trends that exist only in Japan

Some of them have leaked to other countries, but still not to the fullest

6023 Half-naked Irina Shayk made the waves

Supermodel shared a yummy video in her Instagram

6014 This cougar is dating a guy who is 50 years younger!

The lady is called ‘dirty old git’ for having sex more frequently than any of us

6004 What’s the best sex option for this fall

Winter is coming. It means that we are having an embarrassing moment to enjoy probably the best season of the year – the fall. The nature is preparing for a long sleep and most of us return to our apartments with no wish to go out as evenings get way much colder. While the heating systems are still off – people have only 1 chance to warm up – take shower and sneak under the robes.

5995 The sexiest fisherwoman has been found in Florida

Model poses in tiny bikinis with sea monsters she has caught

5986 The most tattooed doctor has been found

Orthopedic surgeon from Australia is knocking her patients off

5978 5 celebs who nailed their 2019 Halloween costumes

Exposed goodies and insane design – the best combo for outstanding look

5966 Dragon Girl was blind for weeks after eye tattoo

Amber spent $26,000 on body modifications and her mom hopes she would stop

5953 Stunning blonde transformed herself into an African bombshell

Former stewardess decided to obey the voice of her heart and look where it brought her

5943 Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers

Not all of them are professional models, but these girls will steal your heart.

Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers | Top Banger
5933 Kim Kardashian would cry seeing this woman

Eudoxie Yao says her butt is not the biggest one in her family

Kim Kardashian would cry seeing this woman | Top Banger
5922 That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50!

The Instagram is obsessed with a new cosplay start. Just look at her!

That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger
5889 Playboy model complains about big breasts

Description: Men drop their jaws when seeing this woman

Playboy model complains about big breasts | Top Banger
5880 Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic!

From cute girl to plastic doll for $30,000. Should she stop now?

Lily Morto – made of plastic? She’s fantastic! | TopBanger
5871 Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys

What she does next makes the whole Internet gasp

Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys | TopBanger
5861 Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death?

Description: Her family and friends are shocked by another procedure and afraid she might die soon

Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger
5853 King Kong Barbie: a monster with a cute face?

A pretty girl from China transformed herself into a bag of muscles

King Kong Barbie: a monster with a cute face? | Top Banger
5843 This truck driver will steal your heart

Young and hot Angelica Larsson shows off who is the boss on the road.

This truck driver will steal your heart | Top Banger
5824 British guy became famous for what he did to celebrity photos

What he creates is insane – A-listers keep sharing his artworks in their Instagrams.

British guy became famous for what he did to celebrity photos | Top Banger
5783 Naked bum as a confession?

Chloe Ayling has to do some explanation after posting this

5607 Padma Lakshmi struggles to keep this pizza warm

And we just can’t stop staring at these hypnotizing snaps

5594 Woman Makes Her Boyfriend Wear a T-shirt with Her Face

If he wants a night out with friends alone – he should wear this outfit.

5581 Kim Strips for Perfume Promotion

She calls it ‘Body beauty Celebration’

5571 30-Days Sex Challenge

Test your libido and man’s power

5560 5 Places To Meet Gay Partner Without Revealing True Self To Family and Friends

Easy tips for meeting a soulmate without going out of the closet

5544 Going out with a straight friend: when does this mean he is gay curious?

Can you tell for sure if it is just a friendly night out? When to start worrying

5534 How to Make The 1st Step If You Are Not Sure They Are Gay Too

Tricky hints that help us detect LGBT people without hurting anyone’s feelings

5519 How to Spot Your Partner Just had Sex

 6 inevitable signs you’ve been just cheated on

5509 People tell about their public sex experience

What are the most extreme places they had sex?

5481 Girls with Biggest Boobs in the World

How do they live with breasts cup LL and up?

5470 Epic celebrity underboob photos

Some stars have to gorgeous breasts to keep them all covered.

5462 Clara McGregor Strips For Protest?

Ewan McGregor’s daughter seems to do everything to piss him off

5451 Iskra Lawrence Rocks Her Sassy Pink Bikini

Plus-size model makes waves as she shows off gorgeous body in flirty swimsuit

5443 Playmates Never Get Old?

Former playboy star rocks her sexy post-op look

5434 Swimwear Model Gets Slammed By Instagram Haters

They believe women like her should never show up in swimsuits

5425 Disco Tits? Go Get Glitter!

New Instagram trend makes girls go out barely naked

5416 Licking Into Record Book

Girl with 4.48-inch tongue believes she has a great future

5408 Demi Rose Strikes Her Poses In A Tiger-Print Bikini

This hot and sexy bombshell should never hide her body

5398 Ariana Grande Releases Her Sexiest Video

Girls, pink mansion, champagne and even a tiny chihuahua – could we wish for more?

5390 Iggy Azalea Misses Australian Sausages

The singer shared a tweet that shows off just another side of her

5381 Excuse Me, Miss, Can You Arrest Me Please?

Worlds sexiest police officer has finally been found

5373 People Call Her ‘Centaur’

You should take a closer look at her hips to understand why

5365 New Trend Makes Guys Enlarge Their Lips

Does this procedure make their faces look more attractive?

5354 She Got Eye Tattoo Just Not To Look Boring

23-year old got addicted to body modification after getting an ink

5346 Russian Silicone Devil

He will chase you in the nightmares

5336 First, It Seems Like These Girls Have Nothing In Common

But then it gets obvious this is one and the same person in the images

5312 Iranian Hulk Takes Over The Instagram

Dwayne Johnson should start worrying right away

5302 Bella Thorne Has Taken Her Lingerie Off

That’s just her, whipped cream and a stripper poleBella Thorne has taken her lingerie off

5293 Meet World’s Most Identical Twins

Anna and Lucy spent thousands of dollars to enlarge all they could

5266 7 Times Celebs Showed Off More Than They Wanted

Luckily paparazzis were there to capture these tickling moments

5259 $300 For Kendall Jenner’s Nipples?

Crowds of eager women are ready to pay for it

5251 What’s The Smell?

Here’s how it feels when breathing near the Kardashians

5243 Why Bill Gates Bought 200 Liters Of Fake Feces

His wife was too tired to discuss this topic every time during the dinner.

5235 Britain’s Youngest Millionaire Will Pay You For Love

60,000 ponds a year to anyone who will date her with just one rule.

5187 If Kim K And Selena Gomez Had A Daughter…

Meet Demi Rose – the sexiest woman in our universe.

5178 Kim Risks Like For Photos

Gets wave of shocking criticism instead. And a few hilarious shots.

5170 All Fat Guys Are In Trend!

Why girls prefer larger men (we have something to surprise you)

5162 Jackie Chan’s Daughter Married Her Girlfriend!

Despite homophobic parents the girls made their way to happiness

5152 We Won’t Forget Victoria Secret Show 2018

And here are some of the good reasons for it

5142 Bieber’s Ex Wants To Be The Fifth Element

Does this Halloween costume cover at least anything?

5111 Wanna Hurt Donuts?

Exceptional delivery service to scare the crap out of you

5103 Victoria Secret Show 2018 Was All About Kendall?

Jenner ruled the Victoria’s Secret runway like nobody did before

5095 Apple Watch Killer Is Here!

This gadget transforms user’s hand into a touchscreen

5087 Miss ‘World’s Biggest Butt’ Title Is In Danger!

This lady eats 6,000 calories daily to grab it ASAP.

5079 Brazilian Barbie Is Just Amazing

Oh, wait! Isn’t she that nice blonde girl from Frozen?

5071 Models With 3 Boobs Rocked The Catwalk

One more time designers did insane thing to attract more clients

5063 New Hot Trend Makes Girls Ignore Their Partners

What is peegasm and why all girls are now struggling hard to get it

5055 Turkish TV And Insta Star Ruined Her Reputation With A Tattoo

She posted a photo of her new ink, which goes all the way from her chest to just above her knee.

5046 Polish Viking Ruins Popular Stereotypes

How old do you think this guy actually is? Now check how wrong you are!

5038 An Alarm Clock That Gives Orgasms

Awake from your dreams to a very pleasant reality

5025 Killer Foods Stars Eat To Stay Fit

How loud would you scream seeing one of these in your plate?

5016 World’s Sexiest Pilots

These ladies conquered the sky and our hearts

5007 The Bigger The Better?

Science detects perfect breasts size. Hold your breath.

4999 Girls Like Her Get Better With Age

It seems like red wine helps this stunner look much younger than she actually is

4990 Cheating Or Not? Serena’s Truth

Fined for $17,000 Serena Williams still just doesn’t get it.

4981 World’s Hottest Grandma Wants You To See Her!

How come this lady is about to turn 50? Can you believe her age?

4972 Bully Gets Demolished By Cheerleader After She Punched Her

Look how she beats her down just like that with a phone in hand!

4964 Meet The Sexiest Kylie Jenner’s Mate!

Oh, but wait a minute! Something is definitely wrong here!

4956 The Creepiest Sky Mysteries

Spooky stuff people noticed in the sky right over their heads

4944 Celebs Who Failed Choosing Undies

And this is how people can ruin their perfect look together with reputation

4936 Russian ‘Iron Lady’ Believes She Is Super Sexy

But there is a bunch of man who completely disagree on that. What’s your opinion?

4922 Sexiest Girls Of Burning Man 2018

They visit this festival just to rock super sexy outfits

4906 Awkward Celebrity Nip Slip Shots

These ladies should better watch their outfits or choose some other tops.

4898 Extreme Tricks Hollywood Uses For Its Top Scenes

You thought it all was real? Check out how wrong you were

4889 Woman Gets In Trouble Over Wild Nail Design

Sometimes manicurists cross the border when struggling to invent some unique design.

4881 What Is MOMO And Why Everyone Is Afraid Of It?

Is it a deadly monster or just one of those well played deadly pranks?

4873 Would You Pass This Test For A Date With Her?

22-year old model sets up a Hunger Games style tournament for 1,000 guys! Guess why?

4863 Kim Brags With Her New Implant

We still have certain doubts if her bottom is real or silicone, but this new feature is definitely implanted.

4855 Zombie Jolie Is A Fake!

Check out how Sahar Tabar looks in real life. Isn’t she a stunner?

4847 Gracyanne Barbosa – Brazilian Iron Lady

The footage of her ostensible squat weight (around 450 lbs) caused an uproar on the bodybuilding forums for months.

4832 5 Reasons Men Visit Surfing Tournaments

The sexiest surfer girls from all over the globe – you should see them all

4824 Teen Girl Nearly Dies Being Pushed Off A Bridge

A ‘joke’ that nearly killed one person and send another one to jail

4815 $20,000 To Look Like Kim K

Would you date a girl who did this to her body?

4801 The Most Mind-Bending Porn Games

Games that deliver fantastic experiences for users

4792 People Don’t See What’s Wrong With Her Body First

But when they do notice it – they just can’t stop staring

4783 Tess Holliday Went Furious Over A Slimming App

Plus-size model was shocked to see photos of her digitally slimmed – the reaction is thrilling.

4773 World’s First Live Tattoo Is Already Here

How would you like watching cartoons right on your arm or leg?

4763 Which Girl Costs $50,000 Per Night?

Are you ready to give away tons of cash for someone like her?

4753 Title: Kim K Misbehaves On Trampoline

Is tiny white bikini the best outfit for an activity like that? Just check it out!

4722 Doctors Nearly Fainted When Cut Into Her Facial Lump

Woman came to the hospital with the weirdest symptoms ever. She claimed her lump
was… moving.

4714 Weird Indonesian Tradition Scares People To Death

Oh wait a minute! Aren’t they already…? How on Earth is this even possible?

4703 Helga Lovekaty – Sexy Bombshell, Who Destroyed Rodriguez’s Marriage

Despite multiple claims of the couple it turned out the two were in relationship. Now it is obvious why James preferred Helga to his wife.

4694 5 Bad Reasons Nobody Really Likes You

Still think it is all about people around you? It is high time to take a closer look at that guy in the mirror. What if there is something wrong with him?

4684 Robots And People With Prosthetic Limbs Can Feel Now!

This amazing innovation proves the future is already here. Robots get more and more similar to people.

4668 TV Channel Will Make Couples Film Sex Tapes For The Others

The concept of this controversial reality show has already been approved

4660 Charlotte’s Body Defect Is Terrifying

Fans can’t believe they have never noticed this… Oh, wait for a second!

4651 Her Bikini Is 100% ‘Organic’

American girl shocks photographer with her hand-made outfit

4640 It Seems Like Porn Hub Just Pulled Off The Best Prank Of The Year

Just like all the previous years, the porn purveyor played a big practical joke on everyone

4632 Can You Guess The Age Of This Mother Of 3?

40? 50? Now it’s time to check out how wrong you are this time

4624 Kim’s Bikini Body Before And After Photoshop

So, what does she really look like? Is there a chance to see her real beach body?

4613 Rita Ora Sparks Up Coachella Flashing Her Butt

Her fans will hardly ever forget this incredible performance

4605 Nicki Minaj Flaunts Fans With Her Twerking Moves

The popular rapper made her curves work for her popularity in amazing dance

4599 Top 5 Performances Of Rock Singers In The Voice

These people made all judges turn around with their mouths open

4591 Taxes Spring Break: Booze, Boobs And Buzz

When 100,000 college kids descend on South Padre beaches

4583 Top 5 Smoking Hot K-Pop Babes

Who is the most desired angel here?

4574 18-Year Old Girl Lives Like A Baby

Diapers, sipper cups, and pacifiers help her deal with the biggest problem in life

4566 Top 5 Gaming Vehicles To Try Out In Action

A car, a tank or a bike? It depends on the game you play

4554 Crazy Police Tricks Revealed

Now you will be more careful when officers are around

4546 5 Sexiest Billionaires’ Wives

Their photos stun men all over the world

4536 This New Wedding Ring Trend Is Insane

Couples say ‘yes’ in the most unusual way now

4523 The Strangest Insta Accounts That Will Make Your Brain ‘Blink’

You should start following these insane people just now

4515 The Hensels: 1 Body, 2 Souls

Conjoined twins that are changing the world

4506 Shaolin Monk Used A Needle To Break Glass

Even prominent scientists are impressed with this trick

4498 People Through Their Keyboards Away Because Of This Tool

Make any surface your keyboard with one little secret

4490 Amber Rose Caused A Lot Of Fuss With Her Sex Toys Collection

Already want one? Come and get it! Or, at least look at them

4482 Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog

And she did it twice, just to be sure

4474 Meet A Guy Who Lives With A Real Ghost

Adam from New York claims there is a phantom of a killed kid in his apartment

4466 A Tattoo That Can Save Lives

3D printed ‘living tattoo’ responds to its surroundings

4457 World’s Tiniest Phone Has Been Launched

It’s small enough that even mice can use it

4449 Old Troll ‘Killed’ 4 People And Is Not Going To Stop

Millionaire’s chest stuffed with treasures made 65,000 people rush to find it

4441 Super Ripped Girls: Sexy Or Ugly?

Check out how those bodybuilders look in reality

4431 Husband Made His Wife Think She Was A Ghost

He needed a Polaroid camera and his 3-year old son for this trick

4421 7 Regular Items That Were Sold For Tons Of Cash

Check your attic – what if you have real treasures there?

4041 Chinese Flying Taxi Is Successfully Tested

Dreams come true or what would you say on this, Elon Musk?

4032 This Ticket Nearly Cost Him A Relationship

Are you double-checking your orders? You will after this

4014 This Guy Had To Live With 3 Girls For Entire Week

He twitted the ridiculous things they do and those tweets went viral

4006 Regular Things Made Of Pure Gold

These items cost an arm and a leg – would you buy one?

3997 Mursi Girls Have To Come Over Their Pain

Ethiopian tribe keeps following this disturbing tradition for ages

3989 Scientists Invented Self-Healing Skin

Does this mean robots will become more like humans soon?

3980 Sexy Golfer Gets Ban On Wearing Mini Skirts

Her curves are considered too hot for those revealing outfits

3972 Why Is She Running Naked In A Unicorn Mask?

Who is this lady and why is she wondering topless across Los Angeles streets?

3964 Who’s Stephen Hawking And Why The World Is Mourning?

How the only man changed the way we look at our universe

3955 This Instagram Model Is 21 Now. And She Was 21 Back In 2016

550 of followers did a great job trying to detect who she really is

3945 10 Secret Harley Quinn Facts

Incredible things you never knew about the hottest villain

3937 This Man Wears Cage On Head For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Hard to believe someone is capable of changing their lifestyle for 1 goal

3926 7 Creatures Who Are Of Alien Origin

Look into their faces! Have you seen anything creepier?

3916 The Most Delicious Fast Foods Ever

7 yummy meals to try before you die (#5 is mind-blowing)

3905 Are They Really Dead?

7 celebs who might have faked their deaths

3885 Hilarious Reasons Why Stars Banned People On Twitter

Don’t do anything like this if you want to keep following your idols

3874 6 Creatures Who Stay Alive After Being Killed

These animals keep moving and sometimes even attacking their killers

3865 5 Words To Make Her Yours Immediately

Win any girl’s heart with simple short phrases

3857 6 Shoplifters Who Will Never Get Caught

The wiliest thefts ever performed at the stores and supermarkets

3847 6 Things That Will More Likely Cause The Apocalypse

Every few years scientists and various cults’ representatives warn us about world’s end

3835 8 Places To Try For Sex Before You Kick The Bucket

It’s time to spice up your relationship – grab insane ideas for passionate sex

3821 Things Women Find Appealing

Are you sexy? Check how many features of alpha-male you have

3813 How Old Is This Guy? 20-25? Look Closer

He can actually be your grandpa. Do you have any doubts about that?

3801 9 People Who Became Famous Thanks To Their Unique Skin

What can be so special about their bodies? You should see it yourself.

3793 Epic Transformation Of Indiana ‘Monster’

This woman hated her body for entire life, but now she is stunning

3785 Manly Things All Girls Secretly Do

You thought they had only magic and romance in their heads?

3774 Students Are In Trouble After Sex With Overweight Ladies

Oops! Cornwell students are charged for their most insane challenge ever

3765 Elon Musk Shocks The World Once Again

His most loved auto has been launched into open space just for fun

3757 Stewardess: 5 Types Of Passengers I Hate

We asked a stewardess about the worst people she met on board

3748 Elon Musk Is Saving The World From Zombies

No, seriously! And he is charging only $500 for a rescue

3738 Couple Had To Lose Half Of Their Weight To Have Sex

How did they live for 11 years in a relationship without it?

3729 Awesome Star Wars Robots You Can Buy

Fans’ dreams can now be found on Amazon

3726 The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

They can do nothing to prevent people from staring when it happens

3718 How A Nice Guy Became A Sexy Girl

See this cute man in the middle? He doesn’t exist anymore

3708 Courtney Stodden: A Sexy Bombshell Or A Disaster?

Hard to believe this woman is only 23 years old now

3698 New Year Morning In Different Countries

The worst that can happen is detecting you in one of these photos

3688 Cable Ratings: Hottest Prime Time Babes

The sexiest TV show girls we all have a crush on

3674 The Simpsons Knew It Would Happen!

10 TV show scenes that became a reality soon after they went out over the airways

3666 Invisibility Cloak Is No Longer A Fiction

Harry Potter fans from China have brought it to life

3657 Deadly Attractions That Should Be Banned

Seeking your dose of adrenaline? This is what you need

3647 7 Girls In Video Games That Make Men Cry

The cruelest but sexy villains of all time

3638 NASA’s New Invention Made Drivers Gasp

You will definitely want one for your car

3622 Zodiac Sign And Her Bedroom Habits

Female sex horoscope for men

3614 World’s Fastest Car Is Unveiled

You have only 2 years to earn money for it

3604 Kill Yourself Gently

The best way of committing suicide without pain

3595 She Had 30 Plastic Surgeries For The Dumbest Reason

She thought her boyfriend will love her more

3587 Meet Miss Morning Sickness

What made women do this?

3579 All These Contestants Have One Common Feature

Can you see what is going on here? Take a closer look.

3571 How Old Are These Ladies?

Each of them has at least one grandchild

3561 Whose Butt Is The Most Dazzling?

Brazilian bombshells fight for extravagant title

3551 Plus-Size Brazilians Fight For Exclusive Title

Who is the sexiest fat girl of the country?

3543 Miss Klingon Empire ‘Beauty’ Pageant

People of Earth are choosing the queen of aliens

3535 This Person Struggled To Win A Beauty Pageant

Are you sure this is actually a beautiful girl? Look closer

3522 10 Bloopers That Became Iconic Movie Scenes

Film directors decided to keep them as they were absolutely genius

3514 Malay Shaman Boils Himself Live

Old man claimed he was immortal and jumped into the metal pot to prove it

3505 A Woman Found A Weird Box Underneath Her House

When she looked inside – she nearly passed away

3495 Mogli – A Cat Who Decided To Become A Biker

A German guy noticed his cat’s enormous love for bikes and travels, so here’s what he did

3489 Horrible Car Crashes Captured By Dash Cameras

Think twice if you want to watch these heartbreaking videos right now

3481 Woman Earns $90,000 A Year With Her Feet

Which part of your body is the most expensive? This woman knows the right answer

3473 5 Adrenaline Seekers Who Will Do Anything For Likes

A bad head of heights? These people have their nerves made of steel

3465 This Game Gathered $160,000,000 At Crowdfunding

People keep donating for this impressive multiplayer leaving its original goal far behind

3454 People Who Paid A High Price For Abuse Of Steroids

Huge muscles are only one side of the coin. Steroids can kill you, and that might be the ugliest death ever

3446 Modeling Agencies Dream To Work With Her Body

Regular people hate the way she looks, calling this cute model ‘a carpet’.

3433 What It’s Really Like To Live With A Porn Star

Pornstars’ husbands share their experience and the most common problems of living with them

3425 Man Survives After Nurse Shark Attack

His friends had to take out a knife and use it after seeing a shark sank its teeth into his belly

3417 A Man Who Sleeps With 4 New Girls Daily

Seems like Dan Bilzerian has a serious rival here – meet new king of Instagram

3409 A Man Has Found His True Love – A Silicone Doll

These two are living happily together for 4 years, but nobody is aware of their relationship

3400 These Are Not The Places For The Faint Of Heart

The creepiest places from all over the world tourists can visit, but should they?

3392 Meet Lily Who Is In Love With Her Robot

This woman claims she will do anything to marry her robot because she is in love

3383 These People Were Buried Alive And Survived

5 men and women who were accidentally proclaimed dead and buried, but managed to get out of their graves

3375 Want A Smartphone You Can Easily Hide?

This smartphone can be lost even after being put on a table and you won’t believe why this happens

3367 The Best Thing Snapchat Could Do For Us

Snapchat has launched glasses called ‘Spectacles’ that will do all the job for users boosting their popularity

3359 Poor Eyesight? No Worries, 1 Item Can Fix It

Laser eye surgeries are left in the past – meet an implant that requires seconds to be inserted by the user

3350 These Twins Scared People Away For 1 Reason

People ran away with fear every time they managed to get close to these twin sisters who hated the whole world

3342 Top 5 Expensive Smartphones Ever Sold

People know no limit when it comes to luxury. We got used to supercars and huge mansions but there is more

3333 After Old Orphanage Was Broken Down, Workers Saw This

Dozens of boxes stuffed with weird horrifying items that looked creepier after a closer look at them

3325 Drones Delivery Can Save Lives

Drones delivery is not only about cheap and fast mean of getting orders to customers, but also a life-saving service

3317 World’s Deadliest Weapon All Armies Dream About

Any of these ‘cuties’ can destroy the larger part of our country in a matter of seconds

3308 This Laser Engraver Can Fit In Your Backpack

Laser your ideas anytime, anywhere with a gadget that fits your palm and needs a single command to start

3299 Voodoo – The Biggest Hollywood Myth Or Reality?

Voodoo dolls, bones and teeth of animals and people – this is all we know about Voodoo by now

3289 Alternative Reality – Things That Are Possible Only In Games

Trying to make games more realistic, developers often forget about tiny details that irritate all gamers

3280 The Latest MMORPGs That Drive Gamers Wild

Looking for new games to play? Do not miss the most awaited MMORPGs that saw the world in 2017

3271 These People Transformed Their Bodies To Look Like Dolls

Scary or sexy? Take a closer look at people who did all they could to look like ageless dolls in photos

3262 The Hardest Game Levels And How To Walk Them Through

Every gamer has that one location that is in memory forever. It took numerous attempts to complete that level

3253 UFOs – Alien Technology Or Secret Project Engineering From Earth?

Nazis had a whole secret base where they are rumored to explore UFO’s but in fact…

3243 The Highest Rated Strippers Around The Globe

These dancers receive your monthly wages for their 5-minutes performances, or sometimes even more

3240 Dirty Secrets Behind Famous Tricks

Love watching magicians who can make anything disappear, smash girls in tiny boxes or cut them apart?

3231 Sydney Surgeons Had To Transplant His Toe On Hand

Sometimes doctors offer crazy solutions to seeming to be regular traumas. Just like with Zac Mitchell

3221 Howard Lovecraft – A Father Of Cthulhu

Have you heard of a horrible monster named Cthulhu? This beast is even more famous than the man who had created him

3213 5 Horror Movies That Can Cause Mental Breakdown

Do not try to watch any of these alone at night, or your mental health can be destroyed forever

3205 The Most Dangerous Cults In Modern History

We always try to stay aside from overly religious people, but there are cults that are dangerous for adepts

3196 Virtual Reality Has Reached The Intimate Life

VR is about to change all we know about ideal sex and is much more than just a concept today.

3186 5 Reasons To Love Hugh Hefner

A few things about #1 Playboy of universe you should know

3175 The Man Who Made The Whole World Sleep With Light On

Hans Ruedi “H.R.” Giger has created a whole army of creepy beasts whose only look can cause shivers

3167 5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Dirty Secrets From You

No matter for how long you two have been together, once in a while guys have that feeling something is wrong

3158 Sex Cruise For Couples, Where Rules Of Decorum Don’t Work

4-days sex cruise in Los Angeles helped over 50,000 couples bring the sparkle back in their relationship

3150 5 Myths About Successful Long-Lasting Relationship Everyone Believes

When couples are happy together for a long time, we bet they both are perfect and live in love. But in truth…

3142 Insane Asylums Of The Past – All Horrors In One Place

All the most awful things that have ever taken place behind the locked doors of history’s most chilling institutions

3134 5 Crazy Things Only Female Body Is Capable Of

Bleeding without a wound? No problem! Growing another viscus? Easily! How do women live with these superpowers?

3126 The Weirdest Items People Tried To Smuggle

Sometimes airport security is deeply shocked out of what they manage to find during their regular searches

2919 5 Reasons To Break Up With Her Today

The fact that she kills cats in her basement or cheats on you with 12 men at a time is nothing compared to…

2909 World’s Sexiest Uniforms Ever

Love girls in uniforms? Waitresses, cheerleaders, policewomen – they all know what makes them look good

2900 Lindsey Stirling – A Girl Who Combines Music With…

Her performances blew up the whole America and dazzled Europe. And here’s why she is so popular

2887 Mike Brodie, A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity

Photographer, known as Polaroid Kidd, travels the USA, making photos of those who are unwanted in this country

2879 5 Festivals That Unite The Weirdest People Together

No matter what hobby you have – there always are a few weirdoes sharing the same interests and ready to support you

2871 How To Check If You Could Survive The Apocalypse

People, obsessed with the idea of doomsday soon-to-come have their crazy way of trying their survival skills

2863 Mardi Gras – The New Orleans’s Carnival

What would you do a day before the Lent? Soon all your favorite meals will be banned for 47 days – time to arrange a big party!

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