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Mr Charles Pardue, a self made multi-millionaire, revealed what helped him on the course to success and millions of pounds in his bank accounts.

He went from living on the streets as a teenager to setting up his own property empire. His businesses were painfully hit by the global financial crisis, but he managed to recover from the financial disaster. Below, he unveils what decisions changed his financial life and shares proven secrets of becoming a millionaire in Britain.

From Rags To Riches

Mr Pardue always knew he wanted to be a millionaire. His dream seemed to never come true when he found himself homeless at the age of 18. He ran away from home after having a heated argument with his father days after graduation from an agricultural college.

“Now I realize that I overreacted when I stormed off. At the moment, I thought my father was a senseless and ignorant brute. He was just preparing his child for the harsh world, though.”

Charles ended up in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He quickly ran out of the money he saved up in college.

“I still wonder how I avoided becoming a drug addict or an alcoholic. I remember my first night being homeless. It was the loneliest feeling in the world. Everyone seemed to have abandoned, forgotten, and betrayed me. It looked like the life turned upside down.”

After a few months on the streets, Charles was desperate. He could either return home to make amends with his father, or find a job at a farm nearby.

Fortunately, Charles found out that a local farmer was looking for someone to manage one of his farms. He saw the opportunity and he took it. He spent the last money he had to buy a suit from a charity shop.

“Even though I knew only theory and lacked experience,“ Charles said, “My honesty paid off. I said I’d fallen out with father, I was broke, and I had no place to go. The farm owner agreed to give me a chance.”

He didn’t blow it. Charles had the roof of his head for the first time in months and he took pains to prove he can run a successful business. Over a course of two years, the young man managed to increase the number of pigs on the farm from 400 to 4000.

Another Blow

Charles’ career as a farm manager was the first step in his strategy to become a millionaire. He had never neglected opportunities and he became one of the UK’s biggest private landlords who owned more than 600 properties.

However, even Mr. Pardue couldn’t predict the world’s economic downturn of 2008-2009. It was just a blow that knocked him down.

“It was a huge shock not only for me, but also for my family. I had to find an alternative source of income to get back on track.”

He Found It
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“One of the impacts of the economic collapse was the major fluctuation of the world’s principal currencies against each other. Turbulent economic times cause volatility in the Forex market.
Forex traders make money when currency values change, so the economic turbulence was another opportunity for profit I couldn’t miss.”

For Forex traders, the economic crisis is the high time for building wealth. If they want to end up winners, not casualties, they should be careful, though.

“I was a newbie. For this reason, I was extra scrupulous and cautious when finding a safe Forex broker. I tried a variety of platforms, but I owe most of my success to XTrade.”

What is XTrade?

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How Does It Work?

“Let’s say you decide to buy Google shares,” Mr. Pardue explains. “Instead of purchasing 1,000 shares of Google stock from a stockbroker, you buy 1,000 CFDs of Google via Xtrade. If there is a $4 per share rise in the price of Google, you would receive a $4,000 profit.”

Mr. Pardue made about £36,000 – £42,000 a month online.

“It was enough to comfortably replace the previous sources of my income. The last but not the least, I worked only 2-3 hours per day. It had considerably more time to spend with my family.”

Within a few years, Mr. Pardue restored everything he had lost due to the economic recession.

“I wasn’t interested in anything but becoming a millionaire. I knew I’d be successful. I knew it could happen if I take advantage of all opportunities in my life. Using XTrade was one of them.”

“The financial world hasn’t fully overcome the impact of the crisis. For Forex beginners, there are still tons of opportunities to exploit”, Mr. Pardue concludes.

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