Girls Like Her Get Better With Age

How to eat whatever you want and stay slim and young? This lady definitely knows the answer. When looking at her photo it is hard to realize she is 70! Can you just imagine that? And every time she reveals her age, people around come over with a single question: HOW? How on Earth is that possible?

This super gran is named Norma Williams. She was born in Great Britain, but her parents thought that country was too rainy and the family searching for sun and light moved to Italy ages ago. Norma was living in one of the most beautiful countries and she also noticed all Italian women looked gorgeous and stylish no matter how old they were.

It is a kind of a tradition. When you are in your teens – you look awesome in your ripped jeans and with a funky pony tail. But when you cross your 20th line – it is time to start doing something. And norma did. She devoted a lot of time to sport and developed her own business that allowed her freely spend time on hobbies.

Today she is 70 and she deals with real estate. The business is quite successful. Thanks to it she can completely devote all free time to herself. Norma’s #1 rule is weight control. While Norma does admit that she is blessed with a natural “straight up and down” body type, she said looking good does not mean having model proportions. She weights 60,5 kilos and whenever she gains another 500 grams she starts working out harder than ever to get back in shape.


She has exercised daily since she was in her early 20s and changes her exercise regime every few months – with her last routine comprising of two Zumba sessions as well as a third “personal training” Zumba session to help her get the most out of the class.

As for the diet – she believes a woman should eat whatever she likes to. Her breakfast includes a croissant and a few cappuccinos. She eats fish or meat with vegetables for lunch and van go for pasta for dinner. No wonder, it’s Italy! Norma doesn’t deny having cookies and drinking red wine daily, but only after 7 p.m. Although just a bottle instead of two she had in her 50s.

She is also a fan of chocolate and pastry. She says: “The biggest niggle of being in ones 70th year is that PROBABLY I don’t have as many years in front of me as the average 20 year old. I find this fact the MOST niggling of all. It’s the wrinkles, the sagging skin and an obviously finite future that being in ones 70th year brings home. In life, there are ALWAYS niggles. No one is exempt from niggles. Life is niggly! So despite all of the above, I could not be happier! If this is what it is to be 70, bring it on!

Look at her, then look into the mirror. Then look at her again and do whatever this wise and good-looking woman says. Cuz all these rules definitely work.

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