Women explain why they love sunbathing naked

Summer is over and people get back from the beaches to their dull apartments where they wait for another seasons’ change. Some of them still have white spots on the bodies where they were covered by tiny bikinis or trendy swimsuits. The others are covered with tan entirely. There is not a spot on their bodies where the sun hadn’t touched them. What’s the reason? They prefer sunbathing totally naked. Statistics says it’s mostly about women. When asked about it, ladies share their own reasons to get rid of clothes and get their bodies straight to the sun.

1. Nerves tickling

Not their own nerves, but their partners’. Women say they love knowing their husbands or boyfriends being aware they are outside completely naked. Especially when their gardens can be seen from bedroom or living room windows. That makes them feel desired and at least half of ladies claim they wish their partners would come to get them home for intimacy. What a fantasy indeed!

2. Body positivity

Not that one where ladies expose their fat and cellulite to the entire Instagram society, claiming they are beautiful and forcing everyone to add adoring comments to their photos. But the one where women live in peace with their bodies. Those who choose sunbathing naked often say this habit helped them love their curves and when they see their figures au naturel often – they get use to the way they look and are OK with certain inaesthetisms they might have.


3. Health

Yeah, if you use sunscreen and follow all the rules to avoid sunburns – sunbathing can bring you a lot of benefits. Some people claim they got rid of body and face acne, the others notice their joints ache no more after they spend a few hours in their gardens all-naked. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to visit a doctor before soaking up the sun without a swimsuit. Just in case you might have certain skin conditions or something like that.

4. Tan lines

Back in the 80’s Playboy models found it fine to go posing with ugly white tan lines on their gorgeous bodies. Let’s say, their ‘bushes’ were a norm back then. Today photographers and editors are more demanding to their look. And non-celebrity ladies follow those trends too. They say they prefer their bums and boobies without white stripes and that’s one of the reasons to sunbathe nude they call most often. Women confess they might cover their nipples due to doctors’ advice, but that’s all they do.

5. Skin relief

Another reason is total freedom. No matter how much that bikini costs – it still tightens body and feels not so good on skin. Ladies love freedom, that’s why most of them prefer sleeping naked (even if they deny the fact), because they believe their skin needs rest from clothes. So, if they have their own gardens with fence and chaise longues – they would love to spend half of their day there without obstacle like a swimsuit or any other outfit that might be there between them and sun light.

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