Poor Eyesight? No Worries, 1 Item Can Fix It

Remember the Terminator movie? The moment when he broke into the local bar scanning all men around for clothes and a motorbike? This episode made so many fans dream of a secret microchip in an eye that would help them deal with this world.

Recently Google has signed a deal with Novartis to produce lenses. They are not just what we got used to. These are the smart contact lenses that will have in-built cameras, micro schemes, etc, to help people with various eye conditions.

smart contact lenses_1

To talk about the concept, by now they have already developed products for diabetics, which are supposed to produce a glucose monitoring 24\7 for them. In addition, lenses to treat farsightedness. Later on, companies plan to force regular glasses out of our lives. Moreover, I and my horrible vision will gladly thank these guys.

So, what do they do? Google is working on an easy solution for all eyesight conditions with additional features. Such lenses are about to leave eye surgeons without their jobs. This technology for the contact lenses of the future — ones that will give you super-human vision and will offer heads-up displays, video cameras, medical sensors and much more. In fact, these products are already being developed.

smart contact lenses_2

Unlike those lenses we have right now, there will be no error in defining the right focus – smart eye lens examines patient’s condition to draw their natural eye focus and give them 20\20 vision. You can even borrow it from your neighbor and in a few seconds, it will fit you. It turns out that eyeballs are the perfect place to put technology.


These items are functioning just like highly technological implants, although one needs no surgery to insert or remove them.

smart contact lenses_3

Whenever there is a chip or a camera or any other technology of a kind – there should be a charger to help the whole thing work. Have you ever seen batteries tiny enough to be secretly placed into contact lenses? Me neither.

These smart tiny things grab energy from our eyes. Whenever there is a bright light or you simply blink – they store as much energy as they can. Considering tiny size, a single blink is enough for minutes of functioning.

smart contact lenses_4

This smart lens technology is not new. Various companies are working on improving our vision and some of them succeeded in their own way. Verily Life Sciences is developing advanced contact lenses. The latest Verily smart contact lens is actually injected into the eyeball, according to a recently published patent. So, it’s less of a contact lens and more of a surgical implant.

smart contact lenses_5

When thinking of an option to get this thing (even the tiniest one) sewn into my eye – I start praying to all gods to force Google to launch their thing as fast as possible. You will agree that a lens similar to what we wear today is way much better than what any implant that has to be surgically inserted can give to us. Let us keep an eye on Google.

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