The Most Mind-Blowing Activities One Can Try Only In Japan

Love Asian culture with its marvelous anime, manga and odd food? Welcome to Japan where all the dirtiest dreams and fantasies get real. This nation knows how to have fun. People here are never too shy or afraid of telling about their wishes.

Here is the list of the craziest activities that are possible only in Japan. Put them on your bucket list once you are there.

Split race
japan_split race
Split is one of the hardest positions to achieve for any athlete. In Japan, young girls practice in flexibility in such a weird way. They split legs apart and move forward as fast as they can.

National television gathers millions of people who watch such races and cheer on their favorite participants.


Pillow girlfriend
japan_pillow girlfriend
Tired of being single? Order a human-sized pillow to go out with. People are free to choose any design or create their own.

Showing up with such a date at a bar is a norm. Undergrounds are stuffed with guys carrying their soft girlfriends.


Love hotels
japan_love hotel
These cute shelters for lovebirds first appeared in the 50’s. Such hotels with hourly pay were made for those couples that either have no place for lovemaking or prefer neutral ground for it.


Poop museum
japan_poop museum
Don’t know what to do on weekend? Take your family to the museum of poop. Here you can learn more about your toilet than anywhere else. Cute poop-hats as souvenirs included. The Japs consider it a natural process that should cause no shame.



Kanamara Matsuri
japan_Kanamara Matsuri
A legend says that there was a woman who had a demon living in her vagina. It twice bit off the penises of her newlywed husbands. Finally, she went to a blacksmith who made her a steel penis upon which the demon broke its teeth, enabling her to live a normal life.

Since that time annual Penis Fest or Kanamara Matsuri takes place at Kanayama Shrine. To describe it short – penises are everywhere. People dressed in bright costumes of phallic symbols, all snacks there resemble this important organ too.


All sushi lovers dream to try it once. It is a tradition of serving sushi and sashimi on a beautiful and naked body. Mostly female. Men are rarely used for Nyotaimori.

Girls should go under special trainings where they are taught how to prepare their bodies and how to behave during this ‘ritual’.


Hostess clubs
japan_hostess clubs
Sometimes we all need a person who would simply listen to us, give us a tight hug and a cup of fresh sake. It is not a problem in Japan. There are special places where anyone can come to get a portion of cheer-ups.

Pretty ladies will give all their support to you for a small charge. No intimacy included. Just smiles, hugs, some drinks, and snacks.


Those who want some more should visit Soaplands. These are the places where men can be washed in foam by beautiful women. Well-trained girls will help them relax, scrub their backs and even make some good massage.


Fetish clubs
japan_fetish clubs
These places exist for those, whose tastes are quite specific. There are clubs for foot fetishists, BDSM adepts and so on. The Japs find nothing wrong or awful in weird sexual fantasies. They are uninhibited in all that considers sex.

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