The Worst Cheerleaders’ Fails In History You Don’t Want To Miss.

Their flaunting moves dazzle all men at the bleachers. However, sometimes, awful fails might happen even to them. Although, male audience does not seem to protest. Let us enjoy some of the brightest moments together right now.


1. This could be a pretty nice picture if she had chosen either the pose or that expression on the face. Such combination makes her look too naughty. The last thing we are thinking of is that team she cheers.


2. So, here’s why they always have their PP dusters with them. Firs you dance with pom poms, and then cover your ‘hot spots’ with them. Nailed it!


3. We are sure, that a moment after this shot was taken, her boobs ran away from the bra. For now – enjoy the view. It is worth seeing.



4. One more reason to make miniskirts a new trend this summer. Especially among cheerleaders.


5. Not sure what is going on here, but that girl should choose either other undies, or another dress. Although, we keep staring.


6. After an hour of thorough research, no bra on this cheerleader was detected. Without a doubt, such curves deserve complete freedom.


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