World’s First Live Tattoo Is Already Here

The world got used to fans decorating their bodies with stunning (or creepy) inks of their favorite characters. But one guy from the USA went even further. He is a big ‘Rick and Morty’ lover and what he lacked was another tattoo with these two guys on his limb. But getting a tattoo with their faces was too boring, so he asked a master for some fresh idea. And soon the sketch was made.

The master offered an image of Rick and Morty staring into the green portal. Unlike the cartoon portkey that allow traveling between two different locations, the tat was depicting a monochromic green spot and it was rather huge.


Who would like living with a big green spot on skin for any reason? Hardly anyone. But this tattoo was hiding a big secret inside that portal.

That green spot turned the ink into a live tattoo! The technology of chroma keying is not even new. It has been used by cinematography for ages and now it was transformed for body modifications. It works the same as video compositing and visual effects in post-production for TV and film.

To watch the cartoon using green spot (or any other color if you are good with the software) one should simply use a video editor.

The whole thing is based on chroma key compositing, or chroma keying – a visual effects/post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). Most of movie directors today prefer filming their scenes in green rooms and then hire graphic designers to add all special effects afterwards instead of wasting tons of money for creating some huge decorations or robotic monsters.

As for the motion tattoo, master and his client just wanted to do something out of this world. The video has been shared on Reddit and soon got 40,000 views in less than 2 days. Users were stunned with its entire look and called it ‘a revolution of tattoo industry’. Most of them already want similar inks on their bodies and are looking for masters as creative as this one.

People are ready for experiments with shape and color. The world has got used to aquarelle tattoos, inks that are capable of reproducing the sounds or the ones that turn into animation thanks to several people who get them. But this case is unique. These tats are not just moving. They reproduce the whole series on them.

Reddit users are sure there is nothing cooler than that. They predict everyone turning in live screens soon. Although there is one thing that upsets everyone – advertising. When there is a screen – there will be commercial ads in it. And since it’s just a spot on the body, they can pop up even without users knowing they are there. No permission needed too. That’s a hilarious theory on what our future might look in just a few years. So, will live – will see.

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