The Weirdest Muscle Men All Over The World

Muscular guys have always been magnets for women. Being strong and fit is good for your health and body. But unfortunately not every man knows when enough is enough. We’ve gathered the photos of individuals who just couldn’t figure out when it was time to stop. Meet real life hulks who will make your jaw drop.

The guy on the right probably thinks he looks sexy… But both of them can scare anyone to death.

These two look like killing machines despite they’re smiling. Where are their necks? Muscles seem to be glued to the back of their heads.

The bigger the better? We’re not sure about that. The guy on the left looks much more attractive than the muscular one. Agree?

Being proud of your own body is hard for many people. But only not for these men. They seem to be pretty satisfied with the way they look.

It’s hard not to stare at his enormous biceps. But it’s difficult to pay attention to his tattoo.


Confident, strong, and sexy? We’d rather say confident, strong, and scary. What would you say?

These two probably consider themselves hot. But their veins spoil everything. Not only veins…

The guy on the left may seem hot at first. Look at his chest, does he have two balloons inside? No comment about the man on the right. His legs say it all.

Ordinary people look like Lilliputians next to these muscle beasts.

This guy seems to be very proud of his huge muscles. But should he? His biceps look frightening rather than attractive.

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