Weird Pet Names People Give To Their Body Parts

Ever thought of why people in love lack words for naming body parts of their partners? It is clear why they need odd monikers for their most uncertain extremity or when it comes about partner’s intimate spots. However, there are too many couples who use pet names for other body parts.
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The whole thing, in fact, may go a long way toward explaining how mates relate to each other and to their own bodies. No one will be surprised to hear some vanilla pink pet names, but there are some really cool things.
Fantasy of love couples with a sparkling sense of humor has no boundaries. Some of them create hilarious puns involving even celebrity names for all parts.
Forget about those disgusting ‘angels’ eyes’ or ‘honey bunnies’. Take a look at celebrities from body parts’ angle. Here is the list of the most awesome ones to try with your girlfriend.
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1. Are you still calling her hair ‘shiny waves’? Try ‘Kristen Wig’ instead. Your babe will appreciate that!
2. What is that on her face? I see some ‘Mark Rufallobe’ and ‘TeeherThuserland’!
3. Do you name her breasts ‘girlfriends’ or ‘diamonds’? How about ‘Kanye Breast’? it is not recommended to use it under any romantic circumstance. The evening can be spoiled with unextinguishable laughter. Don’t be surprised to hear about your ‘Knee-Omi Kampbell’ as a sharp reply to this.


4. Oh, my! Sweetie, is it ‘Nelly Button’ on your ‘Tummy Lee Jones’? – A nice phrase every pick up master should try out at least once.
5. Look at her hands carefully. Wait, is that ‘David Elbowie’ you see there? I am pretty sure, ‘Julie Handrews’ is next to it too.
6. Do not forget to compliment her pretty and slim ‘Tom Hankles’ and ‘Steven Heelberg’. Those two usually make up true masterpieces together with ‘Toe Manganello’, ‘Toe Montana’, ‘Toe Jackstone’ and other cool toes that come to your mind.
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Do not hesitate to invent your own cool and catchy nick names. Lovers invent exciting games with markers or stickers struggling to create as many monikers as possible, to cover their partners with colorful signs.
This is how you can check who is more creative in your couple and ring the changes on your intimate life. Take it as an exciting bedroom activity and without any doubt, you will love it. But do not forget to discuss it with your girlfriend before you start playing.
Inevitable punishments for offensive signs guaranteed.

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