Illuminati – Invisible Rulers Of The Earth Or The Unsolved Mystery?

We can either accept or deny all conspiracy theories ever announced. Although none of us can disclaim the existence of Illuminati – a secret society with over 300-year history.

Once it was proclaimed beyond the law and its members disappeared. Or, maybe, they have found a shelter elsewhere to proceed with their global activity.

Let us turn to facts to understand if they actually exist nowadays, and have that huge impact on all the political and social processes around the world.



The society was established in Bavaria in 1776. It was a union of the most talented, smart and powerful people who wanted and could give the world something more than its official leaders.

Soon it included even members of royal families and counted over 650 people. Its rapid development and secret meetings were taken as a real threat by local authorities and soon they were proclaimed beyond the law.

Nobody actually managed to reveal their true aims. The most popular theories go about contact with aliens and world’s chaos. Both seem to be scary stories to tell little kids.


In the shadows

What would you do if your meetings with friends were under a ban? Teens mostly run away through their windows late at night and come back unnoticed on the dawn.

Illuminati were smarter than that. It is silly to think they have stopped their existence. Facts say their society is alive and hiding. They organize regular meetings, welcome new members and even have a huge headquarter.

Proven sources made us take a closer look at Denver Airport. It’s bizarre decorations caused nightmares for all who have ever seen them. But if we look at the pictures regarding this place as a center of Illuminati society – all those artworks make sense.

Plans say there is a huge space right under the airport. Make a guess who uses that place for meetings.



It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan

Here we come again to the question that bothers heads of people for centuries. What is their plan? Think on what would you do after uniting all powerful (rich, famous, intelligent) people from all over the globe?

You would set new leaders and establish your own order to get as many benefits as possible. There were certain reforms that seemed useless for all of us. Although if we take into consideration the fact that there is a group of people who makes some profit off them – they become reasonable.


Secret signs

Illuminati have a plenty of symbols, the most famous of which is the eye of Omniscience. It is often represented as an eye in a pyramid.

This is why $1 bill caused that many fuses in the USA and all over the world. Conspiracy theory lovers took it as a proof of Illuminati existence and moreover, of their tight connection with US (world’s) government.

They start searching for these signs everywhere and soon even listed celebrity members of the society. Suspected of being Illuminati: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Celine Dion, Bradley Cooper, the entire cast of Boy Meets World, and former President Barack Obama.

Look around, maybe you find one of their mysterious signs too…

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