Zombie Jolie Is A Fake!

Ladies from all over the globe are using various ploys just to attract more followers to their Insta accounts. They buy trendy outfits, prepare some new cool poses and backgrounds for their stills and, of course, use Photoshop and multiple filters to hide even the tiniest body defects. This army of clones hardly lets anyone stand out. They all look alike, take similar poses, drink Starbucks coffee and prefer macarons to any other desserts.

But a year ago there emerged an account that made the whole Internet explode together with some newspapers, magazines and even news channels. A girl in photos looked way far different from all those Insta models.

Super thin anorexic body, bones stretched with skin instead of legs and arms and an ugly ‘plastic’ face that resembled a ‘Corpse Bride’ character or a zombie. The girls was ugly. She claimed she made over 50 plastic surgeries to look like her idol – Angelina Jolie. But something definitely went wrong. Her nose was about to disappear and everyone wondered how she even managed to walk on those legs.

Numerous followers tried to stop her and make her visit a doctor. Users were afraid she could die soon. But the lady claimed she adored her entire look and considered herself beautiful. This lady from Iran named Sahar, claimed she saw Jolie’s younger sis in her mirror. 23-year old seemed so proud of what she has done to herself, claiming nothing could stop her from undergoing some more surgeries.

Another bomb exploded this June. Out of sudden followers have found an image of a cute girl in Sahar’s account and then the big revelation took place. She confessed that zombie girl was nothing else but her art project. And she reached the effect of anorexic monster look with help of makeup and photoshop.


We can only imagine how much time she wasted for creating each new look. But she did her job great fooling so many people around for a whole year! Nobody had doubts about her existence.

And now users divided into 2 armies: those who thought this new photo belonged to Sahar before 50 surgeries and now she actually looks like a zombie. And the ones who believe the whole story feeling kind of relief for another soul being saved. So, she actually tricked everyone 2 times and now we are not sure which one we should believe.

Today Sahar is more open to her followers and she happily answers their questions. We know that she underwent several beauty surgeries (totally not 50!) and she is a professional makeup artist. Sahar enlarged her lips, had a boob job, a nose job and liposuction.

Some users are super, her zombie girl insta account helped Sahar rise cash for all these procedures. We are not judging anyone by the way they earn money (till it is legal), but a girl making herself look like a living dead lady is something out of this universe. We hope she will never show those photos to her kids.

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