Kapustin Yar – Russian Roswell Or Another Fake?

We have already shared some materials about American Base 51, which is stalked by UFO fans in order to see at least a sign of alien existence. Now we would like to represent you its ‘Russian brother’ – a super secret Soviet Union’s most sensitive air base, named Kapustin Yar.

The last one was created as the site for the development of the Soviet Union’s space program after the end of World War II. The base is located close to formers Stalingrad. There was hardly a better place or its location. Getting close to Kapustin Yar is pretty complicated.

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A few years nobody cared about this base – the military was testing some of their new rockets and jets here, but in 1948 people who lived near has noticed something weird – a huge silver cigar popped out in the sky right above the base for a while and then suddenly disappeared.

There were witnesses that this object has settled on the territory of the base. After days the base was drowning in gossip and rumors. What was that object? A newly developed flying technology or a sign of alien existence?

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The most curious people started their own investigations. All of them have faced one and the same odd pattern – all latest UFO reports ended up like this: there showed up people from Kapustin Yar, grabbed all that was considered a UFO and delivered it to Kapustin Yar.


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On 15th August 1963, a great fiery disc came down from the sky and began shooting beams of light into the Robozero Lake near Belozersk, about 250 miles east of St. Petersburg. It moved from the south to the west, vanished and later reappeared for an hour and a half, terrifying the local witnesses. The fisherman was said to have been scalded by the light and glowing fish leaped from the water as if to escape the fireball floating overhead.

In 1892, an object appeared over Moscow and shot a ‘pillar of light’ down to the ground for 20-25 minutes. It was described as fiery, much like most other Russian UFO reports through the ages.

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There were witnesses that once a whole spaceship with aliens inside was found and taken away to the base. Soon there were too many suspicious objects inside the base and they needed a whole secret bunker to keep them.

Secret documents that leaked about 20 years ago state that Bunker 754 was built in 1979. It was 50 meters deep with 150-meter long corridors at each story. Nevertheless, its exact size is still unknown.

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People who managed to come close to it claim there were a railway and a whole road for trucks leading inside the bunker and weird sounds that caused shivers as if someone was tortured there.

The base is still under through military control, but the area around it is a place where believers can walk around without getting in trouble. Sometimes they find weird remains of some aircrafts that do not look like any of those existing today.

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