18-Year Old Girl Lives Like A Baby

Do you find babies attractive? Alongside with powerful childfree movement, there is an army of true baby fans, who do all they can to protect kids’ rights. They care for babies and adore the way they look, play and even eat. The little ones can’t protect themselves from abusers, this is why they often become victims of abusers. In the worst cases, it is all about sexual abuse.

tori hart_1

Meet Tory from Oregon. She has been sexually abused being a little girl and never had a childhood. She went through the therapy to deal with that trauma, but nothing really helped. Before she tried acting like a baby. Dressed in all those diapers and onesies with a pacifier in her mouth she says she manages to bring her childhood back. If you are interested if she uses her diapers for what they were made – Tori says she goes to the bathroom in them, but only number one.

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Although Instagram community (and thousands of her subscribers in particular) view her role-playing as a sexual fetish. This age play is often called Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL) and Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG), a sometimes-erotic practice linked to BDSM. This ‘game’ often involves two partners. The one, who enjoys dealing with a woman in a diaper, and that woman who agrees to put baby clothes on. Vise verse scenario is also an option.


However, Tori has no daddy who would punish her and read her bedtime stories. She has a nanny instead. The woman comes to her place to play with her, feed her and even punish for misbehaving. Tori has to write lines or sit in a corner.

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Adult baby says she mostly acts like a 3-year old, but she can be anywhere between the ages of one and ten. She lives together with her mom who sees nothing wrong in her daughter’s role-play. The woman says she would do anything to help her child. And since this is the only thing that works for her depression and anxiety – let it be.

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Her friends see no problem with her way of relaxing after work. They say that it is her choice and since she doesn’t involve any of them in her games – she is free to do anything she wants behind the closed door. They all believe she will feel strong enough to live a normal life soon. But by that time they are here to support their friend.

Tori has no partner at the moment, but when she was with one – she often asked if she could wear this or that outfit and behave like a kid. She says it was 50\50. One should be ready to see a teen acting like a baby.

tori hart_5

She is not that type of girls who only think about their Instagram spending days in attempts at catching the right shot. She works at the fast-food restaurant and plans to go to college. She also tries to make some extra cash with her Instagram account offering her onesies and stuff for sale.

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