Top 5 Gaming Vehicles To Try Out In Action

What is the first thing to think about whenever you start playing a new game? Thousands of gamers begin with choosing some cool equipment. When you are a newcomer, the choice of stuff you can afford is not that wide. But then, the more gaming scores you get – the better weapons and vehicles you can afford.

Each gamer has their own list of the best items they managed to try out in their most loved games. We bet there is a list of some of the most powerful cars or other transport means players would love to give a ride in reality. Here we gathered the most impressive vehicles for popular video games. Check if there is something from your list.


1. The Deuce (Brutal Legend)
gaming vehicles_The Deuce - Brutal Legend
This car is also known as Druid Plow. The last one came as a joke but it turned out to be too cool, so developers decided to keep it. This auto is the main vehicle of the game and is extremely powerful. Gamers even wish a car like that would emerge in GTA. But dreams are only dreams now.


2. Batmobile (Arkham Knight)
gaming vehicles_Batmobile - Arkham Knight
Batmobile is a name for most of the items in Batman’s fleet that have four wheels. Although, the superhero himself calls his vehicles just a ‘car’. Originally, Batman’s autos had no special features. They were just another transport means. But with time developers granted Batmobile with additional options. The one from the Arkham Knight is highly equipped, armored, incredibly maneuverable, and possessed numerous non-lethal deterrents. A supercar any hero would wish to have.



3. GT Citroen (Gran Turismo 5)
gaming vehicles_GT Citroen - Gran Turismo 5
If there existed an ideal racing car – it would be a GT Citroen from Gran Turismo 5). Look at this beauty! This vehicle has the perfect shape, it is super fast and extremely powerful. Although they say that Citroen has presented this concept car as one of their future projects, Gran Turismo developers simply loved it and decided to use this auto in the upcoming game. This is the only car we can be sure to see in reality and even try out in action in the streets, not just on screen. Beware, Lamborghini! It seems like you have a new rival raising its powers here.


4. Merryweather Jeep (Grand Theft Auto V)
gaming vehicles_Grand Theft Auto V - Merryweather Jeep
This jeep seems to be a prototype of an actually existing car – Jeep Wrangler. Merryweather Jeep, also known as Mesa, is mostly used by Merryweather Security. Most of players could only dream of using it for more missions than just The Wrap Up one. This jeep is powerful and players feel more secure in it than in any other vehicle of GTA.


5. Brute Chopper (Halo 3)
gaming vehicles_Brute Chopper - Halo 3
The Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle (Type-25 RAV), colloquially known as the Brute Chopper, is a Covenant Loyalist ground assault vehicle used exclusively by the Jiralhanae. It is heavily armored and can be called a heavy weapon on the one hand with being a cool bike.

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