Crazy Police Tricks Revealed

What do we know about the police? Not much, but for the common facts: they adore donuts and sleep with guns under pillows. But if we look closer – we might see some things that can change our world upside down. Here are the most incredible facts you should discover just now:


1. They know everything about you
police tricks_1
Whenever there is a need to leave your fingerprints – you are often told that it is just a formality. Such practice helps police reveal criminals way much faster, but together with it – we give them complete access to our private lives. Whenever there is a friend of yours who is an officer – he will need just a few minutes to check you up in the base and discover your dirty little secrets.


2. Superbelts
police tricks_2
Marvel heroes combine their superpowers with special tools that extend their skills. Same story with the police, whose belts remind super gadgets with multiple tools (the set might differ from country to country), which help them find the way out from any situation.


3. Their job is only 1% an action
police tricks_3
Unfortunately, crazy chases, working undercover, manhunt, and clean-ups is just a tiny part of their work. Most officers have to deal with a paper routine like reports and other boring bureaucracy stuff.


4. Police goodwill
police tricks_4
They have secret rules and signs that help them detect other officers in the crowd even if they are dressed in anything else but their uniform. This capability helps police find help in urgent situations and easily cooperate with each other. Bro needs seconds to find another bro within thousands of people.



5. They cover each other’s butts
police tricks_5
There are legends about evil policemen who sometimes cross the law just to hide a huge fail of their colleague. Why does that happen? Sometimes, an officer has to choose between acting legally or acting right. These are not equal and mostly take opposite sides. When it goes about saving someone’s life – they choose to cross the law and be sure – their brothers will risk their careers to cover that fail.


6. They don’t like donuts
police tricks_6
It’s not about donuts. It’s about coffee. Police officers often have to work 12 and more hours in raw. How to stay strong until the end of the shift? – Coffee is the only answer. The only place where one can get coffee 24\7 is a donut shop. So, why not to grab a donut if you are already there? This combination boosts their brain activity helping them catching more criminals.


7. Covert interrogation
police tricks_7
There are a lot of tricks that help police make suspects or witnesses talk when they don’t really want to. The best way to do that is making reference to certain evidence and other facts that actually never existed. So, whenever you are caught and placed in the interrogation room – deny everything.


8. Different sirens
police tricks_8
Actually, they have several types of sirens, which are used in different situations and only police know the difference between them.

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