New Hot Trend Makes Girls Ignore Their Partners

Female orgasm is often making men sweat. Not only in bedroom. Guys confess they are too scared to find out they give no satisfaction to their partners in bed that that might even bring them nightmares. And now ladies are making it all even worser with their new unique way of solo orgasms.

Well, we all actually been there having to wait too long to have our number one. You know, when public transport is too slow, or you have met your old friend and there is not a chance to escape chattering about this and that. The bladder is ready to explode when you het to the ‘throne’. For men it’s all about the deepest relief. But women have learned getting much more from it.

One user on Reddit was puzzled about his girlfriend getting a wave of orgasms in such moments. And it seems like the girl went too far with it. So, he was curious was it about all girls on the planet or that was just his partner. We bet he was worried about not satisfying her in bed, so that she had to train her badder give her some pleasure.

And almost all female users confessed they actually experienced it in this or that way. Some ladies claimed they actually feel it like a small orgasm, the other assured it was huge. There also were women who claimed they felt something pleasant and even the ones that found it all awful and even painful.

So, we can draw a conclusion that it’s pure physiology and it depends on some personal peculiarities. Although this thread caused a lot of fuss. And ladies rushed to torture their bladders to get the most powerful peegasms. Doctors had to stand agains this tendency and explain on how it works and what danger this ‘satisfaction method’ hides.


They say women feel what they feel thanks to the nerves their full bladders irritate. The same area responds nor only for empty\full bladder, but for sexual tension too. This is why they can feel real orgasms solo.

But the thing is, this can also cause real damage. Urine that is kept there longer than it should be can get infected. Such infections are dangerous because they can damage kidneys. Even people who are absolutely healthy might get seriously ill. This is why they recommend receiving more orgasms in bedrooms and forget about peegasms once and forever.

There are various situations when we just can’t get to WC immediately after we feel the need. But holding it inside can influence men’s health too. It often becomes the reason for male dysfunctions. So, better do not experiment with peegasms despite of your gender. It might seem funny but playing such games with your body is of no good.

We just hope everyone will forget about this weird and shocking trend soon and nobody will suffer from it. Let’s all hope girls won’t leave us for solo pleasures and things get on their regular line just like it was before.

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