Turkish TV And Insta Star Ruined Her Reputation With A Tattoo

Naz Mila, 26 is a Turkish influencer and media person who became well known thanks to the popular TV show ‘With Zuhal Topal’ (something similar to the famous ‘Bachelor’), where men are trying to find wives. Unfortunately, it was taken off air due to multiple complains that people there were having sex for cash which is more than inappropriate for the conservative Turkey.

But viewers could hardly forget bright and sexy Mila. So, no wonder she soon gained her army of fans in social media. They gave her a bunch of likes and comments for every photo. But this time something went wrong. Naz went to tattoo salon to get another ink.

To make things clear, she has chosen one of the most expensive elite spots for that. But sometimes even good masters fail. She was going to put a long quote on her body from chest to above the knee. She wanted it to have some deep sense. This is why her choice was a phrase ‘only God can judge my mistakes and truths’, and the diva wanted to gat a tat in English. However, she doesn’t speak the language and instead of hiring a translator, Mila used some dodgy translator which gave her: ‘I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs.’

This is not the worst thing. Masters in the tattoo salon didn’t speak English either. So, they just copied the letters. And it won’t be a disaster if she had chosen a tiny ink size. But she wanted it really huge. And she got it.


She has shared a photo of the result in her Instagram awaiting for likes and appreciation, but her followers turned out to be smarter than Naz. They have immediately noticed the mistake and started asking questions on how da hell that could happen.

Mila simply ignored critics. Later on the star explained she actually didn’t care about the mistake and she adores the tattoo. It makes her curves look even hotter and the fact that she knows what was meant to be there is above all for her. We bet she just doesn’t realize how huge the catastrophe is. Naz looks ridiculous.

However, erasing or fixing the quote is not in her plans. Some fans believe the procedure is too expensive and she just can’t afford it. It might require multiple laser usage to remove layers of skin, then there is a stage of recovering and only after that they might apply new signs over it.

The rest believes she is just a spoiled and not that smart girl who thinks only of the way how it looks on her body without getting deeply to the sense of words that are now forever on her body. She could write there a promo of tomato soup with same success without noticing the difference.

But, we think she can decide whatever she wants to do with her body without our help. If she likes that ink – that’s just up to her. But most of guys in Turkey believe nobody will ever marry her after this.

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