Area 51 And Extra-Terrestrial Life – Do These Two Cooperate?

Since 1980’s people believe that government has contacted extra-terrestrial life and has main proofs of its existence hidden at the so-called ‘Area 51’. Numerous conspiracy theories heat the imagination of people, making them rush to Nevada to check if there are any signs of UFO there.

If you are one of them, you have definitely dug in tons of information on the subject. Some of us have pulled on the face of this earth eyewitness accounts that leave no doubt about the true meaning of this base.

But let us bring all we have together to finally understand what is going on there. Chances are that there is more mystery around this object than we can imagine.

Bob Lazar
Meet the man who started this UFO craze. In late 1980’s he popped out of nowhere claiming he was the member of intelligence department who secretly worked on unidentified aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.
area51_2 (2)

As a nuclear physicist, Bob had to deal with alien engines trying to discover their method of procedure and invent ideal fuel for this mechanism.
He explained his scandalous revelation with a statement that government believes only they can decide what people can know about aliens and UFO. Which is absolutely wrong.

Highway to hell
Soon after this happened a pilgrimage to the tiny town of Rachel started. People wanted at least to take a step at mysterious “Extraterrestrial Highway”. As soon as they could see the base, all these ‘believers’ were ready to stay there for ages just to see any sign of aliens.

Certain photos taken there can somehow resemble alien-related objects. But most of them are of the awful quality. So it is hard to say whether it is a cloud or a flying saucer.


Inside Area 51
Although all facts listed above can cause a lot of doubts, here we come to the most interesting part of the story. It is officially confirmed, that Area 51 is the most secured, highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Photos within the base are forbidden. Recently even drones were banned from the list of objects allowed near it. The only decent images were taken from satellites. We can now see them on Google Maps.

After a closer look, it gets obvious that there are many hangars there. They differ in size and shape. What is more interesting – there are witnesses that the main hangar has 14 levels below the ground. Take into consideration that this base is located 1,360 meters above sea level.
What do they hide there so deep? Historical evidence assures us they deal with development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. The so-called ‘black projects’.

However, the base was established in 1950’s. and there hardly is any weapon that saw the world since that time and was of some revolutionary construction.

Although one of the curious tourists was lucky to capture an object, resembling an extraterrestrial flying object that was transported to the base.

14 levels are enough to take it to pieces and start a thorough research of each part. Maybe, one of such levels was occupied by young Bob Lazar in the 80’s…

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