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Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys

What’s your biggest nightmare? How about mommy or daddy spotting your treasure box with all those adult toys? When most of people think of this it tickles their nerves no matter how old they are. Well, let us admit we are definitely aware of the fact all people around are having their “solo adventures” once in a while. Which is quite normal actually. Moreover, most of them still try to hide this fact considering it somewhat inappropriate or even sick.

There is only one country in the world with more progressive views – Japan. With consensual relationship from the age 13 and h-manga being sold here and there in the streets with no restrictions. No wonder every resident here has his collection of adult toys and is not afraid to confess of it.

Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys #1 | TopBanger

But even in Japan there could occur odd and somewhat insane situations. Twitter user @analKABAO shared a story that caused panic attacks for some users. The guy returned home to discover his grandma coming to visit her pumpkin pie. This sweet old lady was too tired so she decided to go in bed until her precious grandson returns. She did everything right – took a robe, put on her pajamas and switched off the light. But still she felt cold as heating the houses is rather expensive – she thought her grandchild should have had warm socks in his bedside cabinet.

Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys #2 | TopBanger

It was dark and grandma left her glasses in another room so she just kept looking scrabbling her hands in the drawer and suddenly she was lucky to find what she needed. She tried to put the socks on but they were too tight. Japanese grannies are taught to never step away until they reach success.


After a few more attempts the nasty socks gave up and her feet felt warm. So she slept until her grandson came back home. Granny woke up to great him, but he stopped breathing and stared at her feet. He asked what were those and where she got such a nice socks. Granny replied that she was cold in her feet and took them out of the drawer.

Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys #4 | TopBanger

Poor guy didn’t know how to tell his poor nana those were not the socks, but his fave silicone vaginas. Blushing and sweating he told her what was going on and helped the old lady leave her silicone traps.

Grandma accidentally finds this guy’s sex toys #5 | TopBanger

@analKABAO says he won’t use those again anymore and is now looking forward to order new toys. But he was willing to donate those if someone really wanted them. Would you? We bet not, but a few thousands of users turned out to be fetishists who would gratefully accept such a gift. Some of them confessed the fact someone put those vaginas on turned their world upside down. And there we go with a new fetish. We just hope that wave stops right there in that twitter account and won’t spread further. We also wish @analKABAO and his poor grandma all the best. He is a good guy and luckily he has an understanding and loving granny.

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