Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death?

Bulling is the worst thing to happen to any school kid. Even after the prom they keep coming back to the scariest moments of their school life mentally. One should be psychologically strong and posses some huge self esteem just to go on without torturing their minds and hearts with painful memories.

However, most of victims suffer from serious mental traumas and start slowly destroying themselves. Just like Kristen Snider from Virginia. The 28-year old was severely bullied at school and she just couldn’t wait until this nightmare is over. She took over herself to start a new life where nobody can tell her what to do. The woman says it took ages for her to love herself and accept her the way she is.

 | Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

But what she did next and keeps doing by now shows off there is no chance she is comfortable with herself. Snider can’t stop improving her appearance. First she went through some innocent procedures. But then the addiction took over her and she has transformed her body and face drastically. People who knew Kristen in her early years can hardly recognize her now.

 | Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

The women already had a jaw contouring, chin contouring, a lip rift, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, forehead reshaping and a brow life and multiple butt lifts and even bottom implants. Specialists also say say that her photos prove Snider removed 12, 11 and 10 ribs to get super thin waist. Mostly surgeons remove only parts of 11 and 12 pairs as #10 protect our kidneys.


So, the girl is overly obsessed with her look. There is no other explanation to why would she endanger her own life for some extra centimeters in waist. Together with it the procedure is rather costly and painful. Kristen confesses she spent over $187,000 since 2010 and had around 20 procedures all in all.

 | Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

She said she went back under the knife for another rhinoplasty in 2016, as well as a second chin reshaping, jaw reshaping and a fat graft to her forehead in December 2017. We are not sure how many boob jobs she had but taking into consideration all her photos – at least 2. And she definitely boosts her lips at least twice a year.

 | Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

The woman believes her body is a canvas and she has her own vision of true beauty and perfect shape. So she can do anything she wants with her curves and face until she can afford it. And stopping is not her plan for now. Kristen’s family are afraid she might kill herself with all these procedures. Each of them is dangerous and she is receiving multiple blocks of anesthesia which are harmful for heart and brain.

 | Plastic surgery addict is forcing her death? | Top Banger

They believe she might just fall asleep to never wake up after another surgery. Kristen does not react to those statements. She says years of bullying at school taught her 1 thing – to never listen to what the others say. She believes the only right thing about this life is doing what you want. This could sound wise if there was no life threat.

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