Woman spends $115,000 to look like sex doll

With the growth of plastic surgeries industry the amount of women willing to fix this or that body part increased drastically. Most of them want to look like some celebrities or movie characters. But there are complicated cases. Just like this sone.

Meet the lady who wants everyone to call her Mary Magdalene. Yes, this is odd, especially considering the way she looks like. This nice girl copied her present appearance from a blow up doll. She says she was shy in her teens and always wanted her body to look somewhat different. The dream was – to turn heads. Maybe that was one of the reasons she chose to work as a stripper when she was 17. that was a good job that started bringing nice income and she first attended a surgeon.


Back then Mary lived in Mexico where she got her first breast implants. Starting from small, now she has staggering 38J size after 3 boob jobs. That’s just insane and people around are worrying about her back. That must be hard and painful. Later on she also went through 3 nose jobs, she lifted her brows and got some feelers into her cheeks and lips.

Poor girl considered her hands flanks too fat and had liposuctions on those body parts. Now look at her bottom – that’s almost unreal to get that insane bum naturally. Of course, that’s a result of a well-operated Brazilian lift. Despite the fact that her huge boobs have already caused breathing complications – Mary is not planning to stop the surgeries, the plan is to get another (we bet bigger) implants soon.

Her another big love is tattoos. She has larger part of her body inked and she is not sure whether she is ready to stop or not. The girl confesses her parents are rather conservative and they do not support her in what she is doing. But she is sure one should live their lives for themselves. It’s just her body and her rules on how to treat it.

With this motto in her head she recently went under the knife to improve her lady part. And as she proudly says – it was a custom design. Unfortunately something went wrong and that custom decision didn’t work as good as it was supposed to. With her aim to have it ‘the fattest in the world’, now she has to fight against getting to much fat over there. As even though enough time has past after the surgery – it keeps growing.

Poor lady has to go through new injections to reduce fat amount. The way it looks now even through the clothes is horrible. But she is cheering up, saying it’s still better than it was before. She says she hates the photos of her that were made before the transformations. She love the way she looks now and she says people are noticing her. With the love to micro shorts and tops she has caused multiple car accidents and people even ask her to marry them only because of the way she looks.

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