New Trend Makes Guys Enlarge Their Lips

Some 15 years ago plastic surgery was available for celebs and wealthy people only. We looked at girls with enormous boobs like at goddesses, we adored their faces after lifting and wished all those procedures would become affordable for regular people. And now dreams come true!

Ugly nose? Go fix it with a nose job. Want bigger breasts? Choose your implants, pay some $300 and get your new fancy tits. Such improvements were mostly considered as the ones for girls. Although, some men used to go through plastic surgeries too, but those interferences were not too significant. Until now. Guess what! Guys are considering full lips sexy and this is why they get their injections and enjoy fish mouth results.

Cyril Roux

This guy is the craziest Marylin Monroe fan ever. He loves the actress and singer that much he decided to look more like her. This is why he died his hair blond and spent thousands of dollars on lips injections and botox. Seems like nobody told him his idol wasn’t blessed with puffy lips and used several lipstick shades to give them attractive form. But Cyril doesn’t plan to stop. Although, he often hears laughter from people as a reaction to his look.


James Holt

Jame’s case is even worse. He spent $20,000 only to enlarge his lips. Aim? Poor guy never felt satisfied or happy over his look. His biggest insecurities were always his lips. So, at the age 16 he found a cosmetologist who gave him his first injection. Today James is addicted. He spends all his money for transformations. It seems like he wants everything new.


Jonathan Dylan

Dylan started from a big dream too. He adored Ken doll and for his entire life he struggling to look like his plastic idol. His hair, eyes, eyebrows went through significant changes. But look at his mouth. Those lips are giant. They are so huge, he just can’t put his teeth together. And another shocker – Jonathan believes his lips are just not big enough. He plans new injections and maybe even lip fillers.


Justin Jedlica

He is definitely the most well-known living Ken doll on Earth. This guy is a real addict. His body is stuffed with fillers, botox and who knows what else. He spent over $500,000 for his transformations and became a regular guest of popular TV shows. After a closer look at his body it gets obvious that all his muscles are completely fake. He has never been to gym, just got numerous implants under his skin to look jacked. Now look at his lips. We bet he doesn’t know the exact number of all injections he had.


Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo is mostly known in The UK as a freaky TV personality. Just like Jedlica he wanted to look like Barbie doll’s boyfriend and went under the knife. Changing lip form was his cherished dream, so no wonder he couldn’t stop in time. Now he looks like all made of plastic. Hardly there is a fully-functioning muscle on his face. But Rodrigo believes he is a real sex symbol encouraging all men get bigger lips.

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