This Instagram Model Is 21 Now. And She Was 21 Back In 2016

The future is already here. And this girl just proves it. Meet Miquela Sousa aka Lil Miquela, a beautiful Brazilian model with a unique face. She is a successful Instagram model with more than half a million followers and their number keeps growing. Her first selfie was posted in 2016 and it caused a lot of discussions and even some holy wars in comments. People weren’t sure she was a real girl.


Now look closer at her photo and make a guess – what you actually looking at? Lil Miquela is nothing else than a 3D model. Who has created her and for what purpose – nobody knows? She is a kind of an avatar, but the real one. Some people are sure Miquella is an alter ego of some not that attractive, but a skilled girl who is trying to make her dreams come true thanks to a 3D model.


Lil Miquela is not just a cute face. This ‘girl’ is a popular singer, model, and activist. Pat McGrath has chosen her as a new muse and a face of his new company. Together with it, Miquela has released her first single «Not Mine», which successfully grabbed the 8th position of Spotify Viral chart.


This is not the first virtual singer who has nothing to do with the reality. Do not forget about the tremendous success of Gorillaz, who never existed too. There are certain benefits in promoting virtual celebs – her creators are always sure she won’t miss her music studio appointment or an interview. Actually, one of her latest ones was devoted to how defines herself. Here’s what she says:


“I take the typical Instagram model, but twist it and flip it on its head. I want to be able to use social media for good, instead of using it as a way to demean young people,” she explains, over email. “I’ve found so much compassion in my followers, and it’s made me feel comfortable opening up and sharing my creativity with them. To me, that’s what being real is.”


Miquela actually hates being called ‘not real’. She says that if she exists and can make people listen to her songs or watch her photos – she actually exists. And not only in the virtual world. We can hardly disagree on that.


Her creators spared too many efforts to make her seem real. First, they even posted Miquela’s images with real people and faked a legend of a girl who is of Spanish and Brazilian origin (which explains her exotic appearance), but currently lives and builds her successful career in Los Angeles.


She looks too realistic in most of her images, and even now – months after revelation there are users who can hardly believe she is a result of fantastic designer skills and 3D graphics. Well done! We can only wish her great success and expect more virtual girls on Instagram soon.

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