Excuse Me, Miss, Can You Arrest Me Please?

Are you afraid of the police? In the movies we see all those fat guys stuffing their mouthes with colorful donuts, drinking gallons of coffee and completing funny races with their belly fat rolls wobbling heavily. Well, thankfully life is not a movie. And we often meet fit officers here and there who know their job and do it perfectly well.

However, there happen super sexy police officers who know they are hot and want us to check them out. They are often asked for a selfie, receive messages from people who want to get arrest them, etc. but only a few of them became real social media stars and influencers. Today we are revealing the sexiest female police officer ever.

Adrienne Kolaszar lives in Dresden, Germany and serves as a police woman. Her success story started over 15 years ago when she made her parents sign her first fitness contract. She was so curious about gyms and workouts that almost made her mom and dad find her a place and buy a gym card. She has always been slim, so working out just helped her keep that shape.

Although she just knew she wanted more. Becoming one of the professional bodybuilders, like Xenia Mennich, Ashley Kaltwasser and Michelle Lewin, who were her biggest influencers. But something was definitely wrong. Only in late 20’s she realized there was a strong need to change both: diet and workout plan. She has studied all info about the right nutrition and started training harder. Soon after that she saw first results. She doesn’t deny taking sport supplements. Adrienne takes: Whey Protein, BCAA, Multivitamins, Zinc, Magnesium, Creatine.

By the time she was a full-time police officer and had to combine her work and her passion. So, she had to work exact schedule. Adrienne respects nutrition and is careful to plan and weighs her meals everyday, in order to stay within her calorific target and macros. She always cooks fresh meals whenever she has enough time away from her profession, which is not easy.


Tight schedule makes her take 2,500 calories daily which is more than an average bikini athlete takes. She also prefers potatoes to rice and includes carbs to her diet. These steps help her cover both – hard work outs and her daily job, as it requires some activities too.

Two years ago sexy cop posted her first insta photos. And her fame was right behind the corner. First she got attention from her followers. Soon after that the press got interested in her and she got multiple articles published and posted on the web telling her amazing story.

People were impressed by her look and addicted to her bikini photos, so she easily got her 550,000 followers there. Adrienne is not planning to stop improving her body. She says she is just in the beginning of her way. The woman also promises to please her followers with new hot photos as often as she can. And by now she was keeping her word.

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