UFOs – Alien Technology Or Secret Project Engineering From Earth?

What do we know about UFOs? Not much. Mostly that they are shaped as discs or cigars, fly not so high above the ground and cheer up all spectators with powerful illumination. Not a single scientist or researcher is ready to claim these objects are of purely alien origin.

We all know that a huge wave of alien witnesses was raised by popular sci-fi movies of the 20th century. There is a theory, that movie producers have launched several ‘alien-like’ objects to heat up the interest to their new works.

flying disk_1

Take that ironic smile off your face and imagine for a second that this theory has at least slight chance to be true. Visualize all flying objects humanity has ever been using as transport means. Planes, balloons, blimps or helicopters – nothing reminds a disk.

flying disk_2

In 1950, Il Mattino dell’Italia Centralе – Italian newspaper took a risk to publish an interview of Giuseppe Belluzzo, the Italian engineer who rumored to work for Nazis in 1942. He claims he was one of those who worked on the creation of Hitler’s saucer. In order to produce an object that would be faster than any other flying transport, they have used a secret newly invented vortex-induced engine that let the disc perform any tricks and make slews of any difficulty up there in the sky.

Today researchers are trying to assure us that in 1942 there was no technology available in the highest developed countries and it is nothing more than myths invented to scare the rivals away. In 1945 when the Soviet Union entered the secret base – there was nothing there. Beluzzo claims all documents and all parts of the saucer were destroyed just hours before that.

flying disk_3

Should we believe his words or was he just trying to draw everyone’s attention? Let us dive deeply into that facts:

-Hitler was into the mystery;

-He never stopped working on the new weapon and war machines;

-He wanted the whole world to be afraid of him;

-III Reich grabbed world’s best scientists and technologies.


flying disk_4

Is this enough to at least try creating a flying disc? I bet it is. When uniting all the smartest men in one place one can invent something really unique. Constructing a disc-shaped sky vehicle is not a big deal. They needed a special new type of engine. Luckily, Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester has invented one in 1940.

flying disk_5

As soon as SS found out about his patented invention, Victor got to madhouse and Hitler could easily use his Repulsing discoid motor. Seems like Beluzzo was right, such machine existed. The only thing he lied about was huge speed and maneuverability.

However in 1952 in the USA were registered numerous reports of flying discs witnesses. Out of sudden everyone remembered about Hitler’s saucer and there is a hope the object or at least papers hiding its construction weren’t destroyed. And 7 years after the war was over, the saucer was restored and adjusted.

flying disk_6

What if we all soon will have an opportunity to explore the space with one of the super fast discs?

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