The Most Dangerous Cults In Modern History

What is a religion? I don’t mean all those ceremonies or ‘business practices’. Let’s be honest, religion – is nothing but a method for controlling people. It started when there was a huge crowd of humans who had no laws or any other system of total control. The rulers needed a smart and cheap way to keep them from crimes or laddish lifestyle.


People hardly managed to live longer than 30 years, since then their leaders changed too often to become figures of authority for them. There was a strong need in creating something eternal and creepy as keeping people in overwhelming fear is the best form of control. Guess what? That was the moment when one smart guy (don’t know his name) have invented religion.

Scaring people with a mysterious ‘god’, that smart man actually built up the first social hierarchy forcing people to hate those who refused to accept a common point of view. Over the past two centuries, society faced more newly developed religious cults than throughout its entire history. And here are the worst of them:


1. Heaven’s gate
Cults_Heaven’s Gate

This one was founded in the 1970s by charismatic Marshall “Bo” Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. These two assured people they were aliens who came to Earth using a UFO to save as many people as possible. They assured new members that are planed is about to be ‘cleaned up’ and all life is going to be destroyed. The only chance to escape was that UFO that brought Marshall and Bonnie here.

In 1997 the cult’s history came to its terrifying end – police found 39 bodies of those who called themselves ‘adepts of Heaven’s gate’. They committed suicide, which was meant to transform them for a new life.



2. Scientology

No doomsday story stays behind this cult. Those who escaped from this cult grab headlines, speaking of brainwashing, fraud, and attempts at financial ruin. The basis of the cult is a confusing mess of alien influence and the human psyche. But if we look closer at it – the cult is based on a lot of money (of its adepts, of course). Whenever you are in it – you have to donate.

What surprises me the most about Scientology is the fact that too many celebrities or simply rich people are turning it into a massive global corporation, and not a religious organization.


3. Raëlism

Meet the biggest alien based cult of today. With its 90,000 members by now, Raëlism keeps growing attracting new adepts. What’s the specialty? Founder Claude Elohim, now known as Raël, claims he came into contact with a green-skinned alien named Yahweh in 1973. Yahweh told him that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials called the Elohim.

Its members love hypes, being quite aggressive. This why their logo is nothing else but Star of David with a Swastika. Plus, their women know no shame going for public protests with bare breasts.


4. The Fall Rivers cult
Cults_The Fall Rivers Cult

Sex, Satanism and sacrificial slaughter can hardly be nice basics for long-lasting religion. This is why members of The Fall Rivers cult whose first rituals involved sex and drugs soon turned into a gang of murders. Their victims were women (mostly prostitutes). The cult had about 10 adepts who committed crimes for the sake of human sacrifices. Is there a need to say most of them got life sentences?

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