After Old Orphanage Was Broken Down, Workers Saw This

The old two-storey house was scaring away people for about 10 years. After the order was signed, a squad of workers was there to finally break it down and clear some space for a new house. As soon as it was ruined, they saw dozens of boxes covered with tons of dust. Out of pure curiosity, they decided to open one of them and froze on the spot.

They saw weird papers and skeletons of some bizarre creatures. First, they thought those were toys, but after a closer look, they realized those were real. But could anything like this actually exist?


The only right reason was to call for experts which they did. Short examination showed that all those documentary belonged to Thomas Theodore Marrylin who was an owner of the house about 100 years before.

Thomas Theodore Merrylin was born in 1782 in Hellingshire, Northern England. He was the son of a rich aristocrat and biologist, Edward Merrylin, and would eventually follow his father’s example of fringe naturalism. His mother had died in childbirth and he was raised by his dutiful father, until Edward’s death at the age of 76.

Thomas became introverted and spent the most part of his life in seclusion, traveling extensively to collect bizarre specimens of species that were found long after his death.


Thomas loved his house, but he hated the idea of staying there since his dad passed away. Therefore, he let the orphanage in under one condition – to never come down to the basement or even open it up. The principle of the orphanage appreciated his gesture, which meant a lot for poor kids, so the only decision to take there was concreting it over which they did.

Years after, everyone forgot there was a basement there, so ‘treasures’ were found only after breakdown.


Scientists have no common lens when it comes to Merrylin’s hominid species. Some of them believe he actually traveled to collect the weirdest remains ever found and those were actually genetic anomalies of well-known species.



The others are sure he was too introverted to communicate with strangers and visit countries one by one. That would be a huge stress for someone like Thomas. They believe he was more likely to collect remains of local animals and created these weird items. A kind of a creepy hobby.


It seems reasonable, that someone as ascetic as Thomas would find a hobby that seemed weird and even terrifying for most of the people. In addition, to prevent people from considering him a complete psycho told everyone he was a biologist who collected remains of the rarest creatures.

Another question is: why he left all of them hidden in the boxes in his basement? And where did he go after letting orphans settling in his home? There is a theory that he realized he had some mental disorder and wanted t do something with it to live a normal life, but failed.


Thomas Theodore Merrylin died alone and his collection of weird creatures’ remains is now a display of a museum named after him.

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