Most Weird Body Modifications People Press ’Likes’ To

We all got used to inks and piercing in all possible body parts. Silicone boobs, fake lips and even butts. But there are people who go further. Their body modifications are insane!

A real life Wolverine. He was so addicted to the famous villain movie that dared to transform himself into the superhero. It’s hard to imagine the scale of pain for such an impressive piercing.

This way of torturing your boy is called ‘scarification’. There are madheads who let the masters cur off tiny pieces of their skin in order to get a fancy ‘tattoo’.



Ouch! The only thing that pops up in head when you see this. People put weirdly shaped implants under their skin to give it that shocking look. Any wish to do so?

Tunnels entered our lives years ago. But we used to see them as ugly holes in punks’ ears. And these people find it cool to cut out vents in their cheeks.



This lady went to the surgeon and asked for the third boob. She confessed that it was a weird way to make men stay away from her. The lady is a 100% asexual and that was her odd way to inform the world about her position. Although she tried hard, the attention to her body keeps growing.

Any wish to go for a horn surgery? Cute tiny implants right on your forehead. Give your face that demonic look!

Vegas stripper is proud of her fake breasts. She has the biggest implants in the world. No clue how comfy that is in bed, but looks ghastly.7


What can be cuter than a tiny tail on your butt? Are you dreaming of a big rat in your house? Than you should go for a surgery.8


Extremely long fake lashes are incredibly popular in China. This trend is about to take the other parts of the world by storm. The only question here is: can she at least open her eyes?’

Sometimes regular piercing is not enough. This is why people adjust a few dozens of rings to their bodies and make a connection between them with a band. They call it ‘corset piercing’.


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