Are They Really Dead?

Who is dead and who is just pretending? Conspiracy theories spread like ants in the forest and the more celebs pass away – the more rumors are wondering about their deaths. Sometimes fans refuse to believe their idols have left this world. In his case, they are looking for any evidence those stars are alive. We have picked up 7 cases when the proofs were found. And they make us hope not all the talented people are lost in our world.


faked deaths_elvis
The king is actually a loser. If he actually faked his death, we might say Elvis failed more than anyone else did. Here and there, people spot guys who look just like their idol since the moment of his ‘death’. Here are the facts, that are even more jaw-dropping:

– He was sweating at his funeral.

– His autopsy is sealed and no one has read it.

– Presley’s net worth became higher after he died.

So, did he?


faked deaths_freddy mercury
Malicious gossip has it that he imitated death to sell the album. Well, we can hardly deny that Queen’s popularity skyrocketed after he ‘kicked the bucket’. But was there a reason to do so? Band’s popularity was falling and if I were Freddie, I would want to leave too. What is the best way to do it for a musician? A lot of fuss, huge album sales, grab all cash and vanish to start a new life somewhere in Africa. By the way, there still are doubts that were Freddie’s body in the coffin. Look closer – there is a difference.


faked deaths_hitler
As the story goes, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun — cowering in the bunker — did not actually die there. Instead, the pair killed others, burned the bodies, and escaped to Argentina, or somewhere else like that. Actually, there is a 128-year old South-American guy who claims he is Hitler himself. I just hope that is a lie because such monsters deserve no mercy.



faked deaths_kurt cobain
Cobain left a letter to his team, where he stated that he was going to leave the band and start another life. But then Courtney forced him to write (or actually wrote herself) a tiny bit, scrawled at the end, in a different tone and handwriting, directly mentioning his suicide. Take into consideration that his face was smashed and nobody is sure that it was really Kurt.


faked deaths_lady d
Princess Diana died in a car crash in a tunnel, which has been in part blamed on the intrusiveness of paparazzi. Paps didn’t let her live her life and some people believe she was so sick of it that she decided to leave forever. Proofs:

– Princess said she was about to recede from public life completely right before death.

– Her driver argues the car wasn’t going as fast as everyone claims.

– That was not her regular driver.

– A security officer who was there is shrouded in mystery. Did he exist?

– Someone spotted Princess Diana at the wedding of her son!


faked deaths_michael jackson
There are a lot of argues about this man’s death. But if we refer to facts, there’s a footage revealing Jackson walking into the hospital and a doctor said that he was still alive when he arrived at the hospital, despite the official reports saying he died long before the ambulance even got close to his home.


faked deaths_tupak
2 things we should know about this guy’s death:

– Suge Knight, the guy who was in that car with Tupak, came out recently saying, “No, that didn’t happen, dude.” He said that Tupac faked his own death to avoid a prison.

– A retired cop has come out and said he helped Suge Knight cover it up. Basically, Tupac is just not dead.

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