Plus-Size Brazilians Fight For Exclusive Title

When reading about beauty pageants, most of us think of XS bodies with long legs and cute faces. Long hair and full lips come as a pleasant addition to it. But those practices seem to be unfair to all other girl types. Taking into consideration massive feminists movement and a wave of body-positive adepts popping up on a social network, there is no wonder a contest for plus-size girls.

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Every girl in this world deserves a chance for exposure as well as experience being on stage and walking the runway. However, pageants are also a wonderful way for women to be in an environment where their bodies and curves are celebrated. People start talking more often than girls have forgotten how the real ladies should look like in this rush for plastic beauty.

fat girls beauty contest

Most of them have lost their individuality, copying totally looks of popular divas they follow on Instagram. They mostly look identical to each other following blindly popular beauty and fashion trends. Those who stand out find themselves out of the boat.
This is why Brazil’s “The Most Beautiful Fat Girl” pageant is a good way to celebrate female beauty just as it should be. All girls here have different weight and body type but they all seem dazzling and have no fear of showing off their amazing curves in swimsuits.

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About 35 women were chosen to struggle for the title in categories such as swim, runway, and talent. In order for a woman to be eligible, one must weigh a minimum of 176 pounds. Contestants were divided into two categories of 18 to 35-year-olds and 36 to 55-year-olds with two women winning the crown, each for their age bracket. A jury is presented by a panel of 12 judges. They scored the women on their personality, congeniality, shape, and beauty.


If you think that those girls are only plus-size models – you are completely wrong. The contestants stated their occupations in application forms. Judges claim those were highly-educated and intelligent women – teachers, civil engineers, doctors, lawyers and even nutritionists!

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Girls confess, participating in this contest added much to their self-confidence. And if you look at the winners – you can’t but agree they deserve their crowns. 43-yr-old Roberta Augusta took the title for the older bracket. 23-yr-old Thaís Oliveira won the title for the younger division.

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You can’t deny that most of the girls who are more than 90-60-90 are being slammed and shamed in our country. This tendency takes the whole world by storm thanks to the Internet. This is why showing up on the catwalk is a big problem for curvy girls.
This is why there was the second part of this pageant which was held online. Ladies who wanted to try themselves should post a few photos and write a few words about themselves. Thus thousands of people left their votes and at the end of real life Brazil’s “The Most Beautiful Fat Girl” pageant was over – judges announced the winner of the online contest.

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39-yr-old Kellen Leão, representing the Pará state, won the competition. And you can’t deny she looks amazing for her age.

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