Invisibility Cloak Is No Longer A Fiction

What is an Invisibility Cloak? A mantle that can make anyone or anything invisible. Just like the one we all admired in Harry Potter books and movies. My friends already had their plans for using this item in dirty affairs which are barely legal.

invisibility cloak_1

But the Chinese were way much smarter. Not sure if those were Harry Potter fans or just enthusiasts who used their knowledge and skills to work out true Invisibility Cloak. And now it actually exists. Although this item is not as big as the one in the movie, it is quite enough to hide a human. The main goal for its creation was of course military camouflage. Soldiers have to change their ghillie suits depending on the season and location which means a lot of mess.

This invention was about to let them use one and the same item for all issues. However, it is not an option yet. If you wonder what can be wrong with this innovation, just relax – it is almost perfect. The only thing that scares government away from buying it is its actual price.

Picture: YouTube Man shows off invisibility cloak

There are two versions of its origin. All information is kept a secret, so we can only rely on these theories:

1. Invisibility Cloak is made of multiple micro cameras that transfer the image of the surrounding to tiny LED screens. So, it is basically a monitor with web cameras. Scientists say that using the latest technologies can bring up an effect like that making the image super realistic. This explains the price and the fact that creating one cloak takes too much time.

2. This is a quantum technology cloth that is made of transparent material, which can reflect the light wave around. A kind of a mirror you can wrap around.

invisibility cloak_3

As a big skeptic, I vote for the first variant. I would better believe in tiny cams and screens conjoined together than into an odd mirror cloth.


However, there is one reason I wish this thing would never be created. I hate when such things get widespread and get into the hands of the wrong people. I mean the criminals. Robbers and maniacs, who can use such cloaks for committing the worst of their crimes and stay invisible.

invisibility cloak_4

For sure, the government can and will take them under their special control, but we can hardly deny the fact that corruption exists on all levels and the black market is still there and it is not getting any smaller with years. As soon as armies will add it to their armory – the criminals will get access to Invisibility Cloak as well.

invisibility cloak_5

First, only the richest of them will be able to use it for their dirty business, but then as technology will go further – old models will get cheaper and easier to obtain. Just think of it before voting for putting Invisibility Cloaks in mass production. This video will assure you this technology is absolutely real and actually exists today.

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