That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50!

Who said that cosplay is only for the youngsters? For sure most of the anime characters are teenagers with their rainbow hair and fancy closes. But come on! We live in the society with no boundaries. Well, if there are some – they are too tiny to be noticed. Grandpas and grandmas keep up fresh and gloving with help of plastic surgery and beauty industry. They rock stylish looks and deal with innovative gadgets as if there is no age gap between them and their grandkids.

What we want to say here – the integration is too rapid to be visible. But older generation dares to get involved into activities they weren’t participating previously. Cosplay is just one of them. What if we tell you this stunning lady, cosplaying 16-year old characters has turned 50 this June?

#1 | That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

Sayuri Ozaki is a well-known Japanese comedian. She is actually 1 half of the famous duo Katsumi-Sayuri where she works together with her husband. Fans adore her for lovely face and fantastic figure. Rare a woman might keep such a shape after 40. Sayuri decided to try on a role of a stunning anime character just for fun but suddenly realized that was what she wanted for her entire life. People are sure she looks harmonic in every single outfit she tries on.

#2 | That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

Although Japan is a motherland for anime and everyone is treating it as their sacred heritage, it is not quite common for people of her age to get involved in cosplay. So, no wonder she made the waves with her insta publications and boosted her popularity. By 2017 Ozaki had 2 movie roles in her filmography. But for 2 years she has her own TV show. People love seeing her on screen in mini skirts showing off flawless long legs and not only just that.

#3 | That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

Some might find it awkward for a woman to pull of anime schoolgirl looks. But we say – go go Sayuri, we love what you do and we adore the way you do it. This is not the case when a woman rocks controversial outfits aiming to seem younger than she actually is. Those attempts are miserable and make ladies look vulgar and desperate. Like a cougar who still has a long list of deeds to prove the public she is still worth it and men turn their heads when they see her.

#4 | That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

For sure they do, but then they turn their faces away suppressing the giggles. Or sometimes not. Ozaki is a contradiction. She is like a wild flower with that ‘sexuality undercover’. No matter what she wears – she never looks vulgar or pathetic. All her costumes are of the highest quality and they fit her perfectly highlighting her super slim waist, incredibly long legs and cute face.

#5 | That’s insane! She looks 25 in her 50! | Top Banger

Her husband must be the luckiest man on the planet Earth as millions of guys envy his luck in finding a wife like Sayuri. We just hope she won’t stop sharing her yummy cosplay looks and will join a Comic Con net year.

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