5 Words To Make Her Yours Immediately

How much time do guys need to attract a lady and make her their girlfriend? A week, a month or even half a year? That is too much. Every man deserves that magic and romance. This is why we are here to reveal a few hacks to charm a girl. Simple words we use daily might have special power if you use them right. Just like these ones:


1. ‘Wow’
5 magic words_1
It doesn’t mean you should be wowing nonstop when chatting with a girl. Use it to attract her attention. When she only shows up – look at her like at the most amazing and beautiful woman you’ve ever met and said something like ‘Wow, you are a stunner!’ or ‘Wow, you look fantastic today’. That will definitely make her notice you. Now she knows you exist, it is time to act.


2. ‘Could you please… ?’
5 magic words_2
Ask her for a tiny favor. Something like passing you a napkin or anything of that kind. After she does that small gesture – she feels more relaxed. This trick is pure psychology. Any talk started after it will go much easier and a girl will open up to you without any hesitation.



3. Her name
5 magic words_3
The way you pronounce her name matters a lot for your relationship. Make it sound like something special. Lower your voice, do not hurry and she will mark that as special treatment. Even if her name is short and it is not something you can call ‘beautiful’ – pretend a Hollywood actor and make her believe it is special.


4. ‘Tell me everything’
5 magic words_4
Girls adore chattering. Well, you know how they go to the water closet with besties and stay there for hours talking and taking weird selfies. Statistic says ladies talk 60% more than men do. This is why – let her express herself. Make it the most romantic thing in her lie with holding hands and watching in her eyes. All the rest is up to her, but more likely your lady will keep talking for about an hour. While revealing her soul she will comfortable and her trust to you will grow drastically. Isn’t it just what you want?


5. ‘I want you to…’
5 magic words_5
It might sound funny, but girls love all those sweet promises guys often give to them. No need to offer her the whole world with stars and the moon. A few words of how happy you two can be together is enough. It is fine to tell her about that cup of coffee you dream to bring her in bed every morning and a bunch of roses you want to give her on your first anniversary. Chicks meltdown when they hear that. But be careful – promise only those things you are actually ready to bring to life. Otherwise, you can ruin your reputation forever.

We just hope there will be less lonely hearts thanks to these tips. We wish you luck with your next date and may love always be with you.

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