She Had 30 Plastic Surgeries For The Dumbest Reason

Do you remember the feeling of being deeply in love with somebody? Butterflies in the stomach don’t let you sleep at night and you are thinking only of your sweetheart considering her the sexiest girl on earth. You forget your impressive adult movies collection and wish to spend as many time with your beloved one as you can.

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Idealizing the object of love is normal. We all do that at first. Well, mostly all. This couple had it all not as easy as people always do. Meet Berry NG, a cute Hong King blogger who has her channel on YouTube where she shares her life details with some thousands of subscribers. We bet she will get millions after this story leaks.

Her love story was not as easy as she wished. Her boyfriend was a fan of one famous porn star. He considered that actress to be a goddess and dreamed only of her. But it is always nice to have a girl behind who will take care of home, food and bedroom issues, so he dated poor Berry NG.

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As for the girl, she was totally deeply in love with the guy. And as every woman who is ready to fight for her happiness, Berry NG decided to find a decision that could satisfy both of them.


She went to the plastic surgeon and asked him for a complete transformation. Here you should think of 3 things:

– plastic surgeries are a huge risk for health;

– people lose their entire self after such operations,

– it costs a ton of money.

berry NG_3

But still, she showed no fear and was completely ready to take all risks and just do it. In the very short terms, Berry in her 22 had surgery on her forehead, lips, eyelids, nose, and breasts to completely alter her look.

Want to know what was the aim? She wished to look like the porn star her boyfriend adored. She asked surgeons repeat every curve of her body to become attractive to her partner.

berry NG_4

And now try to guess what happened after he saw her transformation. Yep, the man didn’t like it at all. Although he always said Berry’s breasts weren’t as big as his idol’s, he said her silicone implants looked disgusting.

After the 30th surgery, she finally realized it was not about the way she looked or talked or moved. It was all about her boyfriend who was a jerk. And she finally dumped him for good. The only thing she regrets is her face and body.

berry NG_5

Berry has lost her identity trying to become perfect for someone who didn’t care about her at all. Now she wishes someone made her stop before it was too late. But she only thought of winning her ex’s attention. Although no matter what she did, he still thought she was not good enough for him.

Now she promised to stay away from all possible interferings in her looks and one more thing – she asks all girls to never do a thing for someone who shows no respect for them.

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