Husband Made His Wife Think She Was A Ghost

What do we know about ghosts? They are tied to the places where they died, they can move objects and produce horrible sounds and they never show up on photos. Those lucky guys, who managed to catch spirits with their cameras are more likely to fake their shots to make everyone believe they are so skilled in photography. Meet a guy who convinced his poor wife she was a ghost showing her she was missing from all their Polaroid photos. How was that possible?

This wily bastard put on wifie’s Christmas pajamas and broke into her room causing a burst of laughter. What was her first wish then? To grab a camera and make a few photos of her hubby in that tight onesie.

she thought she died_1

So, he gave her a new film pack which she opened herself to insert into a camera and made a few shots. The pictures were amazing and made her laugh even louder. Next step her cruel hubby took was asking this woman for a portrait of them together. They sit there touching noses and made a single shot and oops…

she thought she died_2

The wife wasn’t there. At all. Just her husband and a lot of spare places. The room was there, the wall was there, the bed was there. But not her. She thought it was super weird as they were touching noses and he couldn’t miss her like that. So he offered to make a photo of her, just to make sure:

she thought she died_3

Again – nothing. Slight panic was caught there in her eyes and she starts really worrying about this… she says, “Am I dead? Am I dreaming? Am I a vampire?” with her allergy to garlic that is just the right thought. She has no patience to wait for any solid answer, so she grabs that camera to make a quick selfie.


she thought she died_4

Camera grants her with a terrifying result. What is going on? Did somebody install an ‘erase my wife’ option on this Polaroid cam? So, he offers her to take a photo of him again. And there shows up a clear image:

she thought she died_5

Wife’s panic grows to the size of the room and she is about to break into tears. Finally, taking pity on her, he explained what he did. He waited for his wife to go out for dinner and started preparations. His only partner in crime was their 3-year old son who took all those pictures of his cruel daddy.

she thought she died_6

After that, daddy takes photos of the bed in their room. He also made copies of Polaroid images with his phone to learn the poses. Then he took that box with films and under a red light, reloaded the Polaroids into the cartridge, then glued the box back together so she would open a “new” box and load the film herself. As she was taking the pictures, the already-exposed Polaroids were coming out one by one. He never thought that would go so far, but definitely enjoyed his prank.

she thought she died_7

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