People tell about their public sex experience

Sex is the crucial power of this world. It is basically everywhere: on billboards, in the TV, in our bedrooms. Although the younger we are – the less chances we have to make it in our beds. Why? The reasons can differ. Some people suffer from the lack of the place for sex, as they live with their relatives who are always at home or with their boring roommates. Sometimes it is just too bromidic for couples to stay in bed for another intimacy. They wish to spice up their sex life and go to the most extreme places for that.


Yes, there were couples who confessed doing that in a bus while it was stuffed with other passengers. The couples said they both were wearing either long hoodies or raincoats. The most common pose they chose was: a man sitting and a girl is sitting on his ‘knees’. The worse the road is – the better is the process.


There a lot of hacks and tricks on how to make a girl agree for sex in the cinema. Is there a better place for desperate couples? The light is off, people around are busy watching the movie and the fact they can spot two lovebirds going wild is just tickling the nerves, making the process even more spicy. At least 30% of couples have tried it. They mostly pick up the furthest raws to enjoy each other.


We actually spend more time in elevators than we could imagine. Especially those who live or work in skyscrapers. How long does it take you to get to your apartment? A few minutes maybe? So, why not to spend this time with pleasure? Some couples say they know certain tricks to block the doors and make the cabin go up and down non stop until they are done.


Under cloud of night when only the stars witness you two sitting there on the grass – what can be better than intimacy at that moment? Couples say they enjoy this unity with nature. It gives them that unique feeling of comfort. They feel there are just two of them in entire world. Amazing option for those who are looking for magic and romance. Only one thing to be aware of – the police. They can grab you for nonconformist deportment.


Yep, there are adults who come over to slides and swings to have sex. Most of people who did that confess it was their dream since their teens. And some of them made it come true at that age. The rest had to grow up, gain some courage to show up at playground and find a proper place to make love. Couples confess they mostly choose the slides, although there were the ones to test new poses with the help of Mary-go-rounds. And we would give a lot just to see how they did it. Ok, a scheme would be enough. A sketch!

If you decide to use any of these places for your love games – do not forget about sanitizer and take a rug with you. Your partner will be grateful.

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