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Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers

Korean hysteria is still on. Since the moment K-Pop entered our lives – people from all continents found their true love. Girls dream of Korean husbands, guys are looking for Asian girlfriends. There is a theory that they have conquered us with rainbow videos, photos and other items. Old good Europe, conservative Australia and stylish America have lived with a feeling that all those fancy pink, purple and blue outfits with cartoon characters are only for kids.

Once we grow up – we should choose more calm palette and try to differ from teens for as much as we can. But then there comes this Korean blessing and people around us transform. They are not afraid of showing off in unicorn t-shirts and other cute outfits. Seems like the whole world became brighter.

But Sous Korea is not only about unicorns, kawai and rainbows. It is also about beautiful people. Have you seen their professional models? Thin and delicate ladies with pale complexion and deep dark eyes. If you think their women are proud owners of teen-like bodies – you should slap yourself into a face and take a look at these stunners:

Chaeeun Sarah Lee

A professional model and actress who can brag with some quite impressive contracts. Chuu Korea, WingsGirl and K-Star are on her list and yet is more to come. You can find her in some of the most successful music videos and popular TV shows. Camera loves Chaeeun Sarah Lee and this love is forever. With thin waist and nice boobs and bottom she will always have new roles.

Chaeeun Sarah Lee | Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers | Top Banger


Her real name is Lee Sang Bi and she is another successful model and instagrammer. If you love girls with long hair and unique appearance – don’t miss to subscribe. She shares rather revealing photos and is not afraid to show off her body in tiny swimsuits. About 250,000 are watching her every move. We should say here, that Banana is quite busy: she’s appeared in several music videos, including MASC’s ‘Strange’ and Elo’s ‘Rose.’

Banana | Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers | Top Banger

Gabi Moon

When you first look at her photo – there is only 1 thought in the head: ‘Is she from space?’ She has non typical face for South Koreans, but she is of Korean origin. Her WOW moment is the hips. Gabi is often compared to Jennifer Lopes over this body part. And is you are looking for some really hot Insta girl to follow – Gabi Moon won’t disappoint you. Her profile was granted top 10 sexiest Insta accounts by 10 Magazine.

Gabi Moon | Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers | Top Banger

Lee Hee Eun

One of the most hated and the most loved Korens in this list. Why loved? – Just look at her photo. Why hated? – Go check it once again. She is a fashion designer and she needs no models to sell her items. Lee has flawless figure and she often promotes her own outfits. Thus her followers bullied her for what they thought were all-photoshopped images. As someone couldn’t be just that gorgeous. Her reply was fascinating – she shared a video of her posing in all-tight latex overall.

Lee Hee Eun | Top 5 sexiest Korean instagrammers | Top Banger

Kang Ye-Bin

This lady with gorgeous body is 35 but men are still at her feet. And recently she got into a trouble. Sex scandal gained momentum when the gossip industry brought rumors she had sponsors. That’s a huge trouble for every girl in South Korea. The reputation will be ruined forever. But Kang Ye-Bin dealt with it and keeps making us happy with hot pictures in her Insta.

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