Doctors Nearly Fainted When Cut Into Her Facial Lump

Doctors still keep the name of this lady a secret. It is only known that she was experiencing a trouble with her face. One morning she woke up with a small lump right under her eye. But the next morning it was already above it. Frightened nearly to death poor woman rushed to the hospital. After short examination doctor asked her… to take selfies every morning for a few days. That was too weird to hear from a professional but she decided to obey.

As it was later explained, doctors had a few suggestions about her condition and they just wanted to make sure they were right. But the only way to find out was keeping an eye of the lump. So, instead of hospitalization they chose sticking to modern technologies. Every morning she woke up, took a shot, and sent it to her doctor.

10 days after the lump first appeared, it had moved down and popped up on her lip. Together with location, it also has changed the size. It grew bigger and scared the woman even more. Doctors decided that it was high time to go under the surgery for her.

However, ‘surgery’ is a rant for this case. The procedure took no longer than some 15 minutes. After that, the doctors showed her what was hiding behind that lump. It was an ugly parasite under her skin. After short investigation, they have explained it was a worm called Dirofilaria. The parasitic worm is normally found in dogs and other carnivores. Animals get infected via a mosquito bite. People suffer from this type of parasite way much rarer, but it still happens.

Doctor, who has cured this 32-year old woman, claims that was 10th case over his career. People who are not familiar with cases like this can hardly disclose a disease. And often prescribe treatment that doesn’t work. Meanwhile parasites inside human body reproduce another generation of worms making new bumps pop up all around patient’s body.


The woman said she could get infected a few days before noticing the bump below the eye. She said a mosquito bit her on the face. But she couldn’t think that bite was anyhow dangerous. Just a regular case we all do face on those warm summer evenings.

Now she knows how serious those insects might be. As the worms they transmit can grow up to 170 millimeters and live as long as 10 years in human body causing a bunch of discomfort to their ‘owners’.
Similar cases have been reported all around the globe. Mostly in all parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. They are mostly found in patient’s faces or dragged out of eyeballs. However, this type of parasite can also show up as a bump in any other body part, including male genitals. There is also a registered cases of Dirofilaria have caused meningoencephalitis, or inflammation of the brain and its surrounding membranes, which can be deadly.

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