This Ticket Nearly Cost Him A Relationship

What can be more romantic than Valentine’s weekend that includes a concert your favorite band concert? Hardly anything in this universe. Those were just the thoughts of Duncan Robb, a British guy who grabbed two tickets for him and his girlfriend for her favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers band. She was such a great fan but didn’t manage to visit their live performance even once. So, Duncan decided to make up a huge surprise. The concert was about to be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The price of $42 for 2 tickets didn’t make him think something was wrong that moment, as RHCP for 21 bucks each is too low, isn’t it? Mr. Robb rushed to buy plane tickets and book the best hotel room he could afford. Only when everything was ready for a surprise did he realize why the tickets had been cheap indeed! Look closer.

Duncan printed the tickets out and surprised his girlfriend during Christmas itself. Yet, no one had realized the minor mistake they had made! It was only days before the concert they found out the tickets he got were to The Red Hot Chili PIPERS, not PEPPERS.


This band successfully performs in Ireland and is pretty famous there with a bunch of loving fans around. Although, this is not the first time such mistakes take place. People are mistaking them for the famous grunge-funk rock band. Although, their agents are doing everything possible to prevent that from happening: “We’ve made sure to put kits and bagpipes on all the pictures. We would never ever try to pass ourselves off as the Red Hot Chili Peppers; we respect them too much,” they said.


Now imagine you are that huge Peppers’ fan who receives tickets for Pipers as your Christmas gift. Your reaction? Duncan actually knows how that hurts. His girlfriend has found the mistake just days before the performance:



She just wanted to learn more about that super cheap Belfast Red Hot Chili Peppers performance and revealed sad truth. Oops! Somebody was pretty much in trouble. Now guess what he did? There were two options:
1. Return the tickets to get back their money and file a complaint about this ridiculous misunderstanding, send backplane tickets too and cancel the hotel reservation. Stay at home for that weekend to fight about who was stupid to spoil everything.
2. Grab their butts and rush to Belfast.
Thankfully they have chosen the second option and were there to check out those nasty Red Hot Chili Pipers live. And guess what? They were absolutely excited about the concert: “We just had to laugh about it. What else was there to do?”


They made the best of what they had and that is just amazing how some couples manage to solve even such huge fails. Let us hope they get to see their favorite band – this time the Red Hot Chili Peppers for real in the upcoming future.

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