People Don’t See What’s Wrong With Her Body First

We all differ: eye color, skin, hair, body type – people should admit each of us is unique. And it is stupid to hate someone just because they are different. However, this girl from Sweden – Ia Östergren has been bullied through her entire life. When being a kid, Ia was too tall and too slim. She has been born with her legs crooked since they didn’t have enough room in her mom’s belly.

Ia’s parents had to choose between bending their daughter’s legs in place little by little or to give her plastered legs for a while. So, they chose the first option. Although, the limbs were fixed, they still looked too weird.

She resembled an anorexic lady who starved for ages and people always told her she had to start eating, otherwise Ia won’t have kids. Those were tough times for a teen girl and she started hating her own body, she hated herself. Meanwhile her height reached 178 cm, and her legs took the most part of it – 108 cm. Now imagine someone of these proportions being super slim. People around bullied her for being ‘anorexic’, ‘skeleton’, ‘suffering from distrophy’, although her nutrition was fine and she kept no diet.

We have no clue what her life could be if she haven’t met her biggest love – Swedish bodybuilding champion, Torbjörn Östergren. This guy helped her reveal true self.

He insisted on becoming her personal trainer, worked out a special diet for Ia, that helped her gain enough muscle mass and finally stop struggling to gain weight.


Their cooperation soon brought fantastic results. Ia says she has been working hard to finally appreciate that girl from the mirror but it was totally worth it.

We can hardly call her a ‘classic stunner’, but she is dazzling for 100%. Today society, tired of stable beauty standards is looking for uniqueness in every face or body. There is no beauty standard – we can find beauty in anything or anyone we meet. It took Ia ages to realize that. Just look how she turns her ‘defect’ into benefit.

This lady is conquering Instagram. With her 224k followers she is not planning to stop. Her aim is to proof we are wonderful just the way we are. She posts numerous photos of her dazzling shapes – legs in particular as she believes she stands out thanks to those gorgeous limbs.

Needless to say, she is pretty popular as fitness model. Photographers adore working with Ia and simply adore her proportions. Her husband claims they are not going to stop. He believes his fantastic wife has great future in professional sport. He and their 2 kids are totally supporting their mom and wife and never stop reminding her how stunning she is.

Although some users accuse her for plastic surgeries she probably had, Ia doesn’t react. She keeps posting her sexy shots alongside with images from her teenage just to show off everything she has is real.

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