Iranian Hulk Takes Over The Instagram

Sajad Gharibi, also known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’ has vowed to fight Isis, easily covers the full English breakfasts and has a heart almost as a big as his 177-kilos body. Sajad is a powerlifter, athlete and MMA fighter. A footage from one of his matches became a real hit on social media. People were shocked by incredible frame size of this guy. No wonder – with his 187 height, Gharibi weights astonishing 177 kilos. To keep the shape he has to stick to enormous calories intake. And he is not the one to miss his breakfasts. The most frequent choice is the English one. Full portion of course.

After Sajad suddenly became a star he has launched his Insta profile which by now counts about half a million users. He often shares photos of his insane body and daily life. No diet hints or workouts. He only shares images of his meals, and it seems like Gharib eats plenty of fruit, fish, chicken and drinks plenty of milk during the day between workouts. But we are not sure if he actually finishes all those dishes.

Although a lot of people would give anything just to find out how on earth he got those wide shoulders and chest. He doesn’t look saggy or obese with those 177 kilos. It seems like all his weight is pure muscles. To look like Gharibi calories are not enough. One should spent most time sweating at the gym – lifting weights. And that’s what he does according to his profile.

An athlete of this rank should avoid junk and unhealthy food. Although as we can see from his photos – Iranian Hulk adores soda. Fanta is his favorite one. And it is actually something that helps us realize his actual size. The can looks so tiny is his hands! And you should check out a footage of Sajad trying to get into his (not so small) car.


Back in 2016, 22-year old Gharibi claimed he was going to join the fight against Isis with Iranian Armed Forces. The aim was to fight the Islamic State in the Syrian Civil War. He also called himself a living shield for his country and people. There are a few photos of him in uniform and with shotgun in hands. Sajad claims, all his trainings are just to reach the right shape to become a good soldier, a warrior. As we can see today – his life is powerlifting. It seems he has no other hobbies or activities.

Iranian Hulk posses kind heart as well. He is known for his charity mission. Gharibi visits children’s hospitals to give little ones the care and love they lack there. He also encourages the others to act the same way. Sajad believes his country, his nation is one whole and they should stand for all the evil in this world together.

With his background in wrestling, big heart and kind smile, Sajad Gharibi has all chances to become the new and powerful social media influencer who has enough power to start changing our world for the better.

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