Miss Klingon Empire ‘Beauty’ Pageant

Every Star Trek fan knows exactly what Klingon empire is. It’s is an interstellar political entity in the Beta Quadrant, headed by the Klingon Chancellor and High Council, based in the Great Hall in the First City on planet Qo’noS. The empire was begun by Kahless the Unforgettable, who first united the Klingon people. Fifteen hundred years later, Kahless, son of Kahless, a clone of the original Kahless, was installed as Emperor of the Klingon Empire, the first in three centuries, though given no political power.

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Klingon citizens differ much from our nations and they might even be considered ugly. Although, couldn’t reduce love of numerous Star Trek fans. Eric L. Watts, the creator, and producer of the contest found it a wonderful idea to launch a beauty pageant for Klingon women on Earth.

Actually, any female can take part in it annually if she thinks she looks like a representative of the alien empire. The competition is held in three stages:

1. Beauty
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The jury of judges examines the quality and professionalism of their costumes, make-up and “modeling.” Ladies can assume the identity of any Klingon female character from any incarnation of Star Trek or any original Klingon persona of their own creation.
They have to walk a runway to let the audience enjoy their look and discover some unique details of their outfits.



2. Talent
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The contestants have no more than 5 minutes to demonstrate their hidden talents: sing, dance, act, perform or make any other type of presentation. Any Klingon-related skill brings contestants double point. Contestants must disclose to the Treklanta staff their talent act intentions prior to the convention for planning purposes, but such information will be kept strictly confidential. Audio, video or other technical equipment needed for a specific talent presentation is usually be provided with sufficient advance notice.


3. Personality
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This is the trickiest part of the competition. All ladies should be ready to answer a question from the jury to demonstrate their intelligence. It is not the place to talk about the peace for the whole universe. The answers should be smart or even funny.
Those who refuse to answer their questions get disqualified. The authenticity of an answer or performance, and of a persona, will be criteria for judging.

Not sure if this is an even for geeks only, but the audience supports the contestants showing off their true emotions.

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The winner of the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant receives a number of prizes including:

• 16″ tall acrylic trophy on a solid wood base. A plaque on the front of the trophy will be autographed by the pageant’s celebrity judges.

• Fabulous 8″ tall rhinestone tiara, plated in sterling silver and styled with hundreds of all-hand-prong set Swarovski rhinestones. Designed to fit best the Klingon queen look.

• Exquisite satin pageant banner, embroidered in red on white satin, trimmed in blue and green – the official colors of the Klingon Empire.

• A fabulous bouquet of freshly cut, colorful, gorgeous pageant flowers.
This differs much from regular cash prizes or cars. But there still is a number of women who do their best to win this title.

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