“Different” Beauty: Albino Models Who Are Changing The Fashion World

Albino people have always been grabbing our attention. In Dark Ages, they got burned at the stake for being different, traveling circus used them as an exotic exhibit item to make money. Even these days in Africa they get mercilessly killed and dismembered, their body parts are used for making potions for voodoo practice.


In case you are wondering, albinism is a genetic condition that is associated with the lack of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair, and eyes. This rare disease still remains a mystery for scientists and doctors. Albinism is inherited and cannot be cured. The maximum the doctors can do is to help people who suffer from this disorder to deal with their health issues. And they have tons of them.


Being different is difficult. Life of these people is an endless fight for life, health, and for being accepted. But being different doesn’t mean to be a freak.


Among those “colorless” people there are lots of colorful, successful and famous personalities. They didn’t just secure their fragile inner world, they also managed to set up a great example and show the whole world that they are beautiful just the way they are, and they deserve love and admiration.


Below we would like you to meet some of the most unique and inspirational models who share this weird pigmentation disorder.


1. Nastya Zhidkova
Albino Models_1
This young Russian albino model with an angelic face is considered the most beautiful albino in the world. And we couldn’t agree more.
Albino Models_1_3


2. Connie Chiu
Albino Models_2
This Asian beauty was the very first albino model recognized in the fashion world
Albino Models_2_4


3. Shaun Ross
Albino Models_3
Shaun’s career as a model began at the age of 16 in New York when he modeled for Djamee.
Albino Models_3_3


4. Alyona Subbotina
Albino Models_4
Albino model from Kazakhstan gained recognition in the United States and Europe after she became the face of Brunello Cuccinelli in 2013.
Albino Models_4_1



5.Albi X
Albino Models_5
Here’s another young and promising albino model from Germany


6. Diandra Forrest
Albino Models_6
A unique looking blonde with green eyes and African features
Albino Models_6_1


7. Sir Maejor
Albino Models_7
This guy is probably one of the only who made it to the big screen. You may remember him as an albino guard in season 3 of FX’s American Horror Story: Coven.
Albino Models_7_2


8. Amal Sofi
Albino Models_8
It looks like Russia has been extremely generous in giving the world these weird looking human beings. Amal Sofi is yet another albino model who just started his way in the fashion world. He kinda reminds Hiccup from How to train your dragon movie, but maybe it’s just us.
Albino Models_8_1


9. Ava Clarke
Albino Models_9_1
Meet the youngest and cutest albino African model whose white hair, green blue eyes and rosy lips conquered the world. When Ava Clarke was born, it was clear there was something special about her. Her rare condition made her worldwide famous, she even starred in Beyonce’s “Lemonade” video.
Albino Models_9_2
Albino Models_9_3


Truth be told, the attitude toward albino people in the modern world didn’t change much over the decades…

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