This New Wedding Ring Trend Is Insane

What’s a wedding ring? Couples exchange them during their romantic wedding ceremony just to show the world this man or woman is out of the market now. But come on, it has never been a problem just to take it off and cheat on a partner pretending marriage is not about you.

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However, this recent trend is getting more and more popular, invading social media. A wedding ring that is not so easy to get pulled off a finger. Why? Because it’s a new piercing method. It’s not just like the one in a belly button or ears that can be easily removed whenever the owner wants to. This is something more serious.

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The painful process involves using a dermal punch to remove a small circle of flesh from the finger. Then a small dermal anchor is inserted into the hole. A small base secures the dermal anchor in place. After that clients pick up a jewel to get installed on that anchor. People can choose from real diamonds, precious stones or if there s not enough cash – use some fakes that look like real jewels but are made of glass.
Voila! There is an effect of a floating diamond on your finger, which even after being removed, leaves a remarkable sign on skin forever. It looks fantastic, but there are still some health issues to be ready for in case something goes wrong.


The piercing itself can detach and migrate into your skin further, or your body can simply reject the piercing, pushing it out in time. The most common problem with piercings like these includes infection, resulting in the diamond and anchor needs to be professionally removed.

This is why doctors recommend researching the kinds of jewelry that can be used, as well as how to care for the piercing. Mostly it is enough to antisepticize it every morning, using rubbing alcohol and turn it around once in a while just to make sure it hasn’t become one whole with your finger.

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Allergy is a problem too. People without piercing at all are not recommended to start with their fingers. Even regular earrings can show if you are allergic to this or that material.

Now the main question: what makes millennials torture themselves to get this nice accessory in their fingers instead of regular rings or tattoos? The last were a popular wedding trend a few years ago.

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There can be several reasons:

– They want to show the world their relationship is too serious and they will never break up.

– They want to stand out and try the most extreme ways to say ‘yes’.

– They are trying to prevent cheating, as such rings are too hard to remove.

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People who dare to get finger piercing are definitely not afraid of pain. Despite the fact such procedures are pretty painful as they are, one should be ready to experience severe pain every time they cling to anything with their new trendy ‘ring’. Ouch! That must hurt.

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