Old Troll ‘Killed’ 4 People And Is Not Going To Stop

Back in the 90’s Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with cancer. He was one of the millions fighting this nasty disease. The only thing that differed him from the others was the money. Fenn was a millionaire. He made a fortune as an art dealer, but his true passion was archeology. So, when he thought he was dying – Forrest decided to make his memory last for ages. The wily millionaire decided to drop a chest full of treasures worth about $2,000,000 in areas of New Mexico, Yellowstone National Park (or elsewhere).

millionaire's treasures_1

Fortunately, the cancer was beaten, but the idea of making thousand rush to the combs of Yellowstone lived in his head. Back in 2002, he set this idea to life. Hid the chest and published his book wherein a single poem 9 keys were hidden. The one who can solve them all will get the price and turn into a filthy rich man. Think nobody believed him? You are wrong. About 65,000 have tried their skills wondering around the park, looking for incredible treasures, though nobody succeeded yet.

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Stop polishing your shovel or stuffing your backpack with all you might need to join the army of ‘tomb riders’. 4 people have already paid their lives for this crazy chase. AT least 4 people. Some sources claim there were 6 of those poor fellows who had to give their lives for attempts that failed drastically.


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Randy Bilyeau (l.) and Paris Wallace (r.) died while trying to find that chest. Wallace, a pastor at Connections Church in Grand Junction was first reported missing by his family and soon his body was found. Wallace may have been trying to cross the river, swollen by late spring run-off, and somehow got swept into the current.
As for Bilyeau, the cause of his death after his January 2016 disappearance remains undetermined, with the autopsy on his skeletal remains offering no clues. As for Investigators recently informed Bilyeu’s family that the case was being closed, bringing some closure after more than a year of uncertainty and heartache that began when the 54-year-old father and grandfather vanished.

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But only the fourth death made a lot of fuss, making journalists break into millionaire’s house forcing him to cancel the challenge. What happened? On a bright morning last summer, Jeff Murphy disappeared through the northern gates of Yellowstone National Park.
The 53-year-old had traveled from the Chicago suburbs to the Montana-Wyoming border, and his planned hike up a nearby mountain trail should have taken him about half a day. But as the hours passed and no one heard from him, his wife reported him missing. On June 9, rescuers found Murphy’s body at the bottom of a steep, rocky slope.

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His wife thought that chest made people die for nothing and that was a devilish challenge Fenn made up for fun. And that was her who made a lot of fuss around this case. Authorities and journalists tried to make Fenn give up the idea, but what he said was ‘I didn’t make them go for it’, which is absolutely true.

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