5 Out Of 6 Guys Call Her Their ‘Erotic Dreamboat’

Plus-size models are gaining an insane popularity day by day. They’ve become the definition of new sexy. Both men and women around the globe admire their hot bodies and voluptuous shapes. These starlets prove that gorgeous doesn’t always mean skinny.

Ashley Graham is one of the most mesmerizing and talented plus-size models today. The beauty doesn’t stop wowing us with her charming and sensual photoshoots. She seems to be everywhere these days, even in the sky. The supermodel takes her new “La Scala” collection aboard on a private jet for Addition Elle. She’s surrounded by handsome suited guys and a cute kitten. Ashley looks confident and incredibly seductive in every piece of sexy lingerie. No wonder men call her their “erotic dreamboat.”
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Amazing photos. Hot Ashley Graham. Great job!

We’re sure you want to see some photos from her previous collections.


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