Teen Girl Nearly Dies Being Pushed Off A Bridge

Teens have no mercy when it come to extreme activities. Especially when they here someone bragging about achieved skills or enough courage to do this or that ‘trick’. We believe that adults should have more brains in their heads and use. But life proves we are too wrong about that. This shocker took place on a bridge above Moulton Falls in Washington. A group of friends, most of which were teens just gathered there to check if any of them dares to jump off it.

Jordan Holgerson, 16, was there as well. She was that teen who promised to do it right away, claiming she had no fear. But when she looked down and saw how high that was, she changed her mind. And that was a wise decision. She told her friends she was too scared and had a plan to get back to solid ground, although one of her adult ‘friends’ present there couldn’t let her go just like that. Taylor Smith first cheered her up, but then she decided to help her keep the word and simply pushed her off the bridge.

Everyone looked down and realized Jordan was in a huge trouble as she lended. They all ran down to help her. Somebody jump in to the water to get her out. The girl was awake but she was about to pass out. Her whole body was injured. Jordan was in total shock and she was very quiet, but she wasn’t crying. She seemed to be too much in shock to realize what had happened.

It turns out, falling from this height into the water feels just like feeling on concrete. Poor girl was delivered to the hospital and her ‘friend’ was told to stay away. Jordan broke six ribs, punctured both lungs, suffered multiple internal injuries and was left with a mass behind her windpipe. Doctors said she was lucky to stay alive and not paralyzed.

Now guess what happened? The girl that pushed her seems more like one of those that always says “it was just a joke, get over it”. When the boot is on the other foot and the joke is on her she expects the world to stop and says “I can’t actually believe you just did that, how dare you!” So, when police was there to investigate, she assured them Jordan did asked her for that push.


And out of sudden it turns out that one of teens took a footage of what had happened with a smartphone. And it shows the whole story vice versa. Jordan didn’t plan to jump, she changed her mind and was ready to leave. Taylor did it because of no good reason.

Jordan’s mom was furious. The girl herself first was ready to leave her ‘friend’ alone. She said she didn’t want to blame anyone. But as she started recovering she realized how awful her traumas was and changed her mind. Now Jordan is sure Taylor needs a quiet place to sit and think on what she did. Jail fits.

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