The most tattooed doctor has been found

In the era of gender-neutral dolls, insane body modifications and plastic surgery it is hard to believe someone can still be freaked out by overly tattooed body. But here is the case. Dr. Sarah Grey, 30 from Adelaide, Australia says her ink body suite gives her a lot of anxiety. What’s the problem? She is a practicing surgeon who is suffering from a so-called “no visible tattoo policy”.

And it’s not about her patients, no. They, of course, stare at her and might even sometimes grab her hand to give it a closer look (because those inks are pieces of art and a single glance is definitely not enough), but mostly in public places, like stores, casinos or restaurants.

Once she wanted to buy a pair of shoes for her birthday party, but she was feeling like that Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman – shop assistants were helping the other customers and completely ignoring her. So, poor woman waited for half an hour and just left.

The next time she was out for dinner with her husband and manager just asked them to leave because her look was not in compliance with their policy. Another couple would made a scandal, but Sarah and her partner just left to have their meals in some other place.


Grey does not only have her body covered with multiple tattoos, she calls collection, but she also has bright har which she died multiple times in different colors from red to blue. She also has a lot of piercing. The woman is not considering herself a freak, she says she is just another cultivated collector, but she prefers having those pieces of art on her skin.

Thanks to this ‘hobby’ she has found a lot of friends all over the globe who support the same lifestyle and they often meet up to chill together. Although they usually have troubles with getting inside casinos, cafes and cinemas over this mean “no visible tattoo policy”, but these guys stay cheered up.

They believe times would change soon for people like them as they show off positive examples to the others. For instance, Sarah is a good doctor and her appearance does not decide her professional skills. Patients love her, colleagues respect doctor Grey for her achievements. When she was only studying – she avoided tattoos on her visible body parts as she was afraid of being judged by her mates and teachers.

But now Sarah is free from stereotypes and she is not planning to stop until getting an overall body suit of tattoos. She is now having only some slight gaps on her chest, arms and legs. She doesn’t actually know how many inks she has now. She says her body is a full canvas and every piece on it is unique.

Grey only knows she spent around 300 hours getting her tattoos. Sitting in the chair is her true superpower – she is not afraid of pain and can keep the same pose for 12 hours if needed. She says the desire of beautiful result is motivating for her.

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