“Boyfriends Of Instagram”: Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

Any social media, and especially Instagram is what most of us live for these days. People can’t spend a day or even an hour without shitposting all over your feed. Instagram introduced us to selfies and that famous “Instagram posing”. There are tons of “picture perfect” accounts we either follow for inspiration, or for another dose of hatred and jealousy, or God knows for what else. But little we know about those brave men who stands behind every perfect travel photo and candid “girls night out” shot. They are always there…they lean back, get low, contort into some strange and awkward positions to take that “perfect” shot. These heroes are forced to play photographers for their social media crazed girls but they get rarely acknowledged…but it stops now.

There is a new mocking Instagram account called “Boyfriends of Instagram” and it’s absolutely amazing. It gives these guys the photo credits they all deserve.

Started by two fellas from Sydney, Australia, this account shows the painfully hilarious reality behind a perfect Instagram shot.

Below we listed some of the photos that show all the struggle and pain that it takes to take that one shot!

Hold it, honey…money shot is coming
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_1


When the main bae and the side bae show up to the same party…
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_2


He’s breaking the law of physics here
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_3



Now, let’s do some boomerang, babe!
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_4


Working hard for that money…
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_5


When you see it, you’ll sh…
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_6


Don’t worry about the kid, hon, he’ll learn how to swim somehow!
“Boyfriends Of Instagram”- Not All Heroes Wear Capes_7


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